Google Announces A Standalone Tasks App

By Goran Spasojevic / April 25, 2018

After the launch of a new Gmail, Google just can't stop surprising its users. Following the announcement, the company stated that a new Gmail would also have Google Tasks app integrated within the interface. Users will have the ability to drag the email into the "Tasks" section and create a new to-do item around that specific email.

Until now, there wasn't any simple and clean way of creating a to-do list that would follow you across all of the Google's apps. Yes, there is a Google Keep and its connection to the Google Calendar and Google Assistant, but it was never integrated into a standalone app that was easily accessible across all Google products.

Google Tasks standalone app screenshot

Image Courtesy Of The Verge

As The Verge reports, from the provided screenshot by Google, we can only see the main concept of this app. It appears that we are going to be able to nest the tasks, assign deadlines to them and associate them with a certain email. It is unknown whether we are going to be able to assign tags like in Google Keep or sort the tasks into categories and by priorities.

With a standalone Tasks app, it also comes into play the idea of Google Keep being terminated, since there will be no need for a similar app that does less. It seems like Google is moving on to create a full office suite of apps under one roof. We have already seen that new Gmail will have integrated Google Calendar and Google Keep in the left-side panel, so there is no reason to believe that one day we could end up with a single Google app that has everything from Inbox, to Google Docs and other apps.

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