Owner of ‘Go Unlimited’ Isn’t Afraid of Ignoring DMCA Takedown Notices

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated September 27, 2021

In a world where the fight of copyright holders against advocates of freedom of information and data sharing has grown to an unprecedented level, it is a rare case to see a person openly claim that he is completely ignoring all DMCA notices, is doing nothing illegal by enabling the streaming of unlicensed copyrighted content, and is not afraid that anyone will go after them. The owner of “Go Unlimited”, Bader, has stated exactly that as reported by TorrentFreak and offered a pretty straightforward take on his stance since 2016.

Bader, who is an entrepreneur from Kuwait, envisioned the creation of the “Go Unlimited” hosting platform to accommodate his own streaming portals back in January 2016. This way, Bader could enjoy a stable hosting service that wouldn’t drop his websites upon the reception of a DMCA takedown notice. The hosting service was supported by the revenues that were generated by the streaming websites, and after a couple of months, more distinguished services asked to come aboard. One notable example was “” which was a very popular pirate streaming website at that time. This growth was also noticed by copyright holders, so the DMCA notices started flowing in soon.

When this happened, Bader decided that he would need to hide the source of the video that was added onto the platform, so a report from the rightsholders would be deficient. Moreover, and since the content itself isn’t stored on the platform, there can be no subpoena targeting towards the uploader. The copyright holders kept sending notices which gradually became meaner and more threatening, but still, they ended up in the bin basket. This resulted in technical trouble once, when Cloudflare decided to terminate the website’s account without offering a legit explanation.

The incident was resolved quickly by changing a CDN service provider, and Bader believes that this was the last time his website and its 150 million monthly visitors had to deal with such an occasion. Bader isn’t hiding or anything. To the contrary, Go Unlimited is a limited company registered in Kuwait, and according to the letter of the law the provided services are 100% legal since nothing is hosted on the main domain. Bader says he isn’t afraid of anything, uses his personal credit cards to buy the things he wants with the same money he makes from ad revenues, and has provided his legal documents to his collaborators many times.

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