Gmail will Stop Working on Chrome for Windows XP and Vista: Here’s Why?

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated September 20, 2021

Google Chrome running versions below 53 or lower won't be able to support Gmail by the end of the December. According to the blog post by google, the process of stopping Gmail on these older versions will start from February 8 itself. Windows XP and Windows Vista Users

This move had made Windows XP and Windows Vista Users worried as they won't be able to use the emailing feature of the Google on their Chrome Versions.

As a reminder posted by the google, the latest Chrome version 55 contains some major security updates. If you are still using the v53 a banner won't go away until you update.

Since Microsoft had already told that it no longer supports XP and Vista, Added Google stopped its versions update long ago with its final version being V49.

Google took this steps for the migration of its users to a more better platform for becoming less vulnerable to security threats and risks prevailing online. The New features promise to provide better security and safety.

As a cautionary note, the company says, “Google does not typically announce when we discontinue support for older versions of Chrome browser because of our current supported browser policy, which states that only the most recent version of Chrome is supported. This announcement was made given the expected impact on Windows XP and Windows Vista users and known security risks.”

Will Gmail does not work on Windows XP or Vista at all? No worries you will be redirected to the older HTML version. Google points its users to best upgrade from the older versions.

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