JavaScript-based GameBoy Advance Emulators Taken Down by Nintendo

By Nitish Singh / July 23, 2018

While many gamers love playing the latest releases of popular franchises, others choose to spend their time playing countless classics on emulators online. Nintendo is not too happy with the rise of online emulators that allow users access to games from previous-generation consoles. Almost all of Nintendo’s consoles have emulators available on the internet with the exception of the handheld 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, that are yet to receive fully functional emulators.

Two fan-made emulators (LoveROMS and LoveRETRO) were taken down during the weekend after Nintendo filed a DMCA complaint against them. Unlike downloadable software-based emulators, the emulators were built using JavaScript, allowing users the ability to play some of the most popular GameBoy Advance games including Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario and more. A GitHub repository which contained the source code of the emulators were also taken down to prevent the emulators from being replicated.

The DMCA complaint stated “The files located at the repository link contain unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s video game software in violation of the law and GitHub’s Terms of Service”. The company is considering filing legal action against the developer of the GitHub repository for copyright infringement. The emulators and ROM hosting websites do not have any profit motive and simply exist to allow users the ability to play old games that are currently unavailable commercially.

It is not the first time the gaming giant has taken action against emulators or ROM hosting websites. Similar GitHub repositories have been taken down in the past for allowing users access to GameBoy Advance games. There are many similar emulators available on GitHub, and it is likely that the Nintendo will be taking them down as well in the near future. While LoveRETRO took its website down, LoveROMS has removed all Nintendo titles from its website.

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