Say Hello to Fuse Plus, a Brand New Streaming Platform Aimed at Millennials

By Bill Toulas / September 14, 2021

The California-based media company ‘Fuse Media’ is launching a new streaming platform called ‘Fuse Plus’ (Fuse+), hoping to grab a piece of the market even if there are already quite a few established and powerful players in the field. One of its advantages is going to be the super-low subscription cost, set at $1.99 per month or $19.99 for a full year.

What people will get for their money is 500 hours of original programming as well as linear TV channels that will premier content at certain dates and times, focusing mostly on the millennial audience from multiple cultural backgrounds. Moreover, Fuse+ is going to offer limited free, ad-supported content through the platform, acting as a hook for new subscriptions.

The CEO of Fuse Media, Mike Roggero, has stated the following on the launch of their new streaming service:

Fuse Media is launching Fuse Plus as another step in serving this audience across all screens. As our research has shown, young consumers demand empowering content that is representative, inclusive and authentic.

The platform has already passed through a closed testing period in the previous months and already has a working app on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Soon, Roku, Android, and iOS will receive their dedicated native apps for Fuse+, so the “across all screens” part is not there yet but is allegedly on the way.

Here are some noteworthy titles that will premiere on the new platform:

In addition to these, Fuse+ will make an array of independent films available on the platform, promoting talented filmmakers and creators that are either non-existent or buried in the bigger places. Hopefully, the curation will be spot on, and people will get quality over quantity, which seems to be the whole idea here.

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