fuboTV’s New Multiview Mode on Apple TV Lets You Watch Four Channels Simultaneously

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated September 24, 2021

fuboTV, the American sports streaming platform, has released a new app for Apple TV, which brings a revamped “multiview mode.” As fuboTV points out in the relevant announcement, this is something its subscribers have been asking for, and they are always taking note of their feedback.

Being a platform that focuses on covering live sports events, it is important to offer users the ability to watch multiple feeds on a single screen - otherwise, these people would have to constantly flip between channels. So, starting from today, fuboTV supports up to four live channels on a single screen, calling the mode “Multiview 2.0”.

In the previous generation of this mode, which was introduced last year, users had the capacity to simultaneously watch two live channels, so the number has now been doubled. Considering some TVs’ real estate today, fubo TV could have gone even higher, but four is still an adequately large number. After all, there’s the factor of the user’s attention span to consider too.

The way Multiview 2.0 works is pretty intuitive and easy to customize, while users are given the capacity to save specific sets of four channels. There are also multiple ways through which to invoke the new mode, like pressing and holding a channel to add it, swiping it up from the selection carousel, or clicking on the “add channel” option.

The roll-out is happening gradually, so if you’re a fuboTV user and you’re still stuck with “Multiview 1.0,” just give it a couple of days. Also, while Apple TV is the first platform to get this new feature, more apps on other platforms and devices will receive it in the near future.

As always, providing your feedback on how the new multiview mode works and how it could get better is a solid first step to getting what you want from your platform of choice. Thus, go ahead and share your ideas with the fuboTV team, and you could see them manifest in a future version of the app.

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