iOS Users Can Finally Use the Bitmoji Keyboard Outside of Snapchat

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 13, 2021

Bitmoji users on iOS will finally be able to use custom stickers outside of Snapchat. The Friendmoji stickers feature is iOS exclusive, and allows users to create custom stickers. Soon, users will be able to use emojis they created for themselves or their friends as part of the Bitmoji keyboard system-wide. Any user with an iOS device will be able to send and receive custom emojis once the update lands. However, you and your friends need to have the keyboard installed as well as your Snapchat accounts linked to the Bitmoji keyboard.

Tapping the friend icon brings up the Friendmojis section where you can search for your contacts and create custom emojis for them. Recent contacts appear at the top by default to help users get to their frequently accessed contacts quickly. Custom emojis can be created using a wide range of customization options including facial features, props and more. With Facebook’s version of Friendmojis slated for release sometime this year, Snapchat may be preparing for competition by ramping up the features it has to offer.


Image Courtesy of Bitmoji

Snapchat mentioned that the update would be available within the next few days and users should keep an eye out for an update in the Apple Store for the iOS Bitmoji keyboard. Snapchat has been playing catch-up as of late with its recent redesign controversy causing over a million of its users to petition against the app, forcing the company to revert its update.

Snapchat’s Stories update removed the popular feature brought together photos and videos from friends as well as commercial content, which users were highly displeased with. Instead, the app included personal messages as well in the feed which made the app highly confusing to use. With 80% reviews of Snapchat being marked as negative, the app has been making radical changes to improve the user experience.

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