Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 2020 Live Stream: How to Watch NASCAR Cup Series

By Gabriela Vatu / August 2, 2020

The next NASCAR race is already lined up, and we're heading for Loudon, New Hampshire this time, where we'll enjoy the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301. Let's see how we can watch the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 live online.

The Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 has been taking place since 1993, and it is held at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire.

For the past couple of years, the race has been won by Kevin Harvick, so it's going to be interesting to see if he manages to win again. Of course, the odds are in his favor after managing to win four races this season and ranking first in the NASCAR Cup Series Standings.

When and Where to Watch Foxwoods Resort Casino 301?

The Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 is scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020. The race starts at 3:00 PM ET and can be viewed on NBC Sports.

For those attending the race in person, social distancing rules will be imposed, alongside temperature checks, and masks will be required upon entry, exit, and any concession stands visits - anywhere where there are crowds.

How Can I Live Stream Foxwoods Resort Casino 301?

In this day and age, it's easier than ever to watch TV online because there are loads of live TV platforms available, specifically made to help us watch our favorite events and shows. When it comes to watching Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 online, the best option is to go for fuboTV, which is a service that features a ton of sports networks, including NBC Sports. You'll find it in the main bundle and, therefore, in all plans.

There are multiple plans that include the main bundle and various extra channel packs or premium networks. Of course, you can also add your preferred packs or networks, or even add-ons to expand the Cloud DVR storage space or the number of simultaneous streams.

One of the cool things about fuboTV is that it features a ton of sports networks, which makes sense since it was initially a platform for sports fans only. Over the years, it has expanded considerably, adding more and more entertainment networks to fit everyone in the household.

fuboTV works on pretty much any platform you're thinking of, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, smart TVs, Chromecast, Roku, and more.

fuboTV is a service that only works in the US, so if you're trying to access it from abroad, you can't get it. If you use a VPN, however, you can view everything. Click here to find out more about what steps to take.

Other Ways to Watch Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 Online

If you want more ways to watch the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 this coming weekend, there are a few options. Let's see whether any will fit you better.

Hulu - Hulu is another great option for those who want to watch TV online because it features dozens of networks in a single bundle. There are loads of cool channels, including NBC Sports, so you'll have loads of ways to stay entertained. There are also several channel packs you can add, as well as a few premium networks, like HBO or Showtime.

When you subscribe to Hulu's Live TV service, however, you should know they also give you access to the On-Demand library, so you have two services at once. Start your free trial on Hulu now!

Sling TV - If you're looking for a more versatile service, with loads of customization options, you could go for Sling TV. This one starts with three bundles, but only two of them feature NBC Sports, namely Blue and Orange + Blue.

Before you decide, you should look into the channel combination and the price, while also knowing that Blue subscribers get three simultaneous streams, and Orange + Blue subscribers get four of them.

There are numerous channel packs you can add to your account depending on your preferences, as well as plenty of premium networks you may want to look into. Watch 3 Days Free on Sling TV Now!

How Can I Watch Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 When Traveling Abroad?

If you are currently abroad or will be this coming weekend and want to watch Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 from outside the US, you'll need a little extra help. All these services have one issue - they're geo-blocked. This means they cannot allow people from other countries to access the content, as the licensing deals don't permit this.

However, you can overcome this problem by using a VPN. VPNs can change your IP address in a matter of seconds, routing your connection through their servers and encrypting everything to protect your identity.

Our recommendation is ExpressVPN because it's a tool that features thousands of servers all over the world, including dozens of them in the United States. It also uses top encryption protocols to protect your identity.

You simply have to subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% OFF), sort out the apps, and pick a US-based server. Once the connection is established, you can load fuboTV and start watching the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301. We should mention that you can also enjoy a 30-days money-back guarantee here.

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