FMovies Transfers to Iceland Over The Loss of Its Swedish Domain

By Vaidyanathan Subramaniam / September 7, 2018

FMovies is a popular free streaming site offering a Netflix style experience. The site offers free streaming of mainstream movies and TV shows and anyone can just open the site and sit back to enjoy a movie of their choice. However, FMovies has been under the scrutiny of many copyright watchdogs and has been domain hopping in order to avoid search engine downgrading and evade copyright law enforcers.

For a while now, this media streaming service has been operating under the Tonga domain but has recently moved to, a Swedish domain. However, the domain registrar, SE Direkt, has apparently deactivated the .se domain for some reason. Though FMovies did not state any reason why the registrar has deactivated the domain, it is not too hard to guess the role of copyright law at play. But FMovies being FMovies, has now moved to an Iceland-based domain, The site confirmed this via its official Twitter handle.

A WHOIS lookup confirms that the domain is indeed deactivated despite having an official expiry date of November 29, 2018. The status messages in the WHOIS lookup indicate that the renewal of the domain is prohibited and will be possibly deleted. Interestingly, popular torrent tracker The Pirate Bay was also initially having a .se domain but it took quite a bit of time before authorities seized it.

WHOIS lookup of FMovies' Swedish domain

Image Source: TorrentFreak

FMovies is not new to copyright controversy, though. Last year, it was ordered to pay US$210,000 in copyright damages when it lost a case filed by ABS-CBN in the US. The court ruling gave ABS-CBN the rights to the domain. Despite many setbacks, the website continues to domain hop and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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