Facebook’s Messenger Now Gives Users 10 Minutes to Take Their Texts Back

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated July 12, 2021

Did you regret something that you’ve sent via a Facebook Messenger chat? Now, you have ten minutes to delete it for a user or everyone in the chat group and will be “no harm, no foul” for you. This new feature gives users the opportunity to take back something sent by accident and comes as a life jacket for those who can’t help but demonstrate an impulsive behavior when chatting on the Messenger. Even a mistyped or misspelled words sent to someone important can cause unneeded frustration, so this new ability has a lot of saving use case scenarios.

A removal tag replaces the message that is deleted, so people will still be able to tell that you have deleted the text, but there will be no way to see it in history. To remove a message, all you have to do is to press and hold onto it and wait for the options pop-up to come up. Then, select either of the options to remove the message for yourself or for everyone, and the job is done. If some chat group participants use an older version of the app, the message will remain undeleted, but Facebook says the rollout of the latest version will be completed for everyone by the end of next Tuesday.

Facebook Messenger Delete Messages


One thing to note is that the feature seems to have been implemented in a similar way to its sibling “WhatsApp”, which left an open door to allow people to delete messages that were over a week old. Presumably, these problems have been resolved for Messenger, but we're pretty sure people will dig into the matter to find other ways to get their hands on the deleted messages.

The rolling out of this new feature will occur on a worldwide scale, covering the latest Messenger app versions for Android and iOS. Previously, this feature was only available for Facebook’s high-standing executives like Mark Zuckerberg, but it has finally landed for everyone to enjoy now. What hasn’t been done yet is to offer message editing capabilities, but hopefully, we will also see this coming on Messenger soon.

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