Facebook Introduces Keyword Snooze to Filter News Feed Content

By Nitish Singh / September 1, 2018

If you are a Facebook user, you will soon be able to weed out spoilers from your favorite TV shows or ignore posts from topics you are not interested in. Facebook is releasing a new ‘Keyword Snooze’ feature that will allow you to block posts with certain words or phrases from showing up on your feed for up to 30 days. It will not only allow users to curate the content they see on their Feed but also allow the social media company to analyze what topics users want to hear less about when using the platform.

The feature was developed after a test was conducted between July 27 and August 9 to identify what keywords were snoozed by users. The study by Facebook revealed that there are phrases that are very commonly snoozed by users with “copy and paste” being one of the most common picks. The keyword was most likely picked to ignore posts that encourage forwarding and sharing. The other trend that the social media company noticed was that topics that became too viral would lead to users snoozing related keywords.

Keyword Snooze is currently available to Facebook users from the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The new feature is one of many features the social media company has introduced to offer users more control over their News Feeds. “See First,” “Hide Post,” and “Unfollow” were introduced in the recent past to help users ignore posts they do not want to see. There is currently no official word on when the new Keyword Snooze feature will be made available globally.

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