Facebook is Investing US $1 Billion on Its First Asian Data Center

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 12, 2021

Facebook is building a new data center in Singapore that will be powered by renewable energy. The data center will also utilize a new state of the art ‘Statepoint Liquid Cooling’ system technology that will draw minimal power and water. The social media company has data centers spread across the world, but the new project is the first in Asia. The company revealed that development costs behind the project would cost approximately US$1 billion.

The tech giant believes that the new technology will allow the facility to be more power efficient than their other data centers. Facebook stated “When compared to other facilities in the region, it will be a leader in energy efficiency with annual Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.19. This means that almost every watt going into our data center will be used to run the computing equipment. Finally, to conserve space, we have developed a new 11-story building design specifically tailored to Singapore.”

Facebook Data Center Render

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Facebook revealed that hundreds of jobs would be created as part of the company’s expansion into Singapore and the rest of Asia. Currently, the Asia-Pacific region contributes to 894 million monthly users of the 2.23 billion users globally. Despite the region making up for 40% of the total user base, it brings in less than half of what the company made in the US. Facebook is trying to change that by offering more efficient services to bridge the revenue gap between Asia and the rest of the regions.

Google is also investing in data centers in the region. The tech giant already has two data centers in Singapore and is developing a third in the country. The company also has two data centers located in Taiwan.

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