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Facebook and Instagram Will Pay $1 Billion to Creators by the End of 2022

Written by Bill Toulas
Published on July 15, 2021

Facebook and Instagram seek to become creator-fostering platforms, and so they have announced a new plan to invest over $1 billion in incentives for content creators. Artists, experts, and entertainers will now be rewarded based on how popular their content gets on the platform and how much the community enjoys their contributions.

One of the new things introduced as part of that is the “Bonuses,” which will help creators understand which content performs best and which approach doesn’t work with their audience. Facebook says “Bonuses” will get their dedicated space in the FB and Instagram apps and will be made available to all eligible users soon - for now, though, they are invitation-only. However, the final testing isn't expected to take long.

Here’s a breakdown of the bonuses that are available right now (more will follow):

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Of course, the above will be extended, enriched, and improved based on how they perform, so expect more kinds of bonuses to be added along the way. If you’re already primed by the above, check out this page to find out more on how to apply for the Facebook monetization program.

The social media giant is exploring ways to increase the amount of original and high-quality content on its platforms, which in turn increases user engagement. Offering earning opportunities is an excellent way to achieve this and automatically turns Facebook into an antagonistic entity in a new business space ruled by the likes of YouTube, Twitch, etc.

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