Facebook Cracks Down on Spam and Fake Accounts in Brazil

By Nitish Singh / October 23, 2018

Facebook is taking spam and fake accounts very seriously, and its recent actions against the Raposo Fernandes Associados (RFA) is meant to deter similar abuse. A total of 68 Pages and 43 accounts associated with the Brazilian marketing group have been removed as they were used to misrepresent their own identity. Numerous fake accounts were created under the same name which violates the community’s standards, and they were used to post clickbait content.

The clickbait content by the Facebook pages and accounts were used to post ads in bulk. According to the social media company, the decision to remove the content was influenced “based on the behavior of these actors – including using fake accounts and repeatedly posting spam – rather than on the type of content they were posting.”


Source: Facebook

Facebook tried detecting similar activity by the group on Instagram and WhatsApp as well but found no leads. Spam has become a major issue for the platform, and it is continuing to combat it through bans and suspensions. The social media company has been facing a lot of controversies recently with 30 million users being affected by a data breach. Facebook is actively trying to keep its image clean, and it is likely that it will get stricter at dealing with problems on the platform.

The company stated that they are continuing to uncover similar spam campaigns and the people behind them regardless of their economic or political motivation. The company may also make an acquisition by the end of the year to bolster its security. The social media giant is currently looking at security companies that may be willing to merge with the company to offer their expertise in the industry.

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