Facebook Announces Changes in Leadership and Appoints Mark Zuckerberg’s Successor

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 12, 2021

Ex-head of resources at Facebook Chris Cox is set to take responsibility for Facebook’s suite of apps – Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. He will also be heading the company if anything happens to Mark Zuckerberg. The move was part of an organizational reshuffle that was announced earlier this week.

Chris Cox is one of Zuckerberg’s close friends who was in charge of Facebook’s resource management before his new role. He is a trained engineer who invented the News Feed and has been part of the social media company since its early days. He was also behind the video that was put up by the company for its initial public offering (IPO) to investors when the company went public.

Facebook's product reorganization

Source: Recode

Chris is a public face for the company and has public speaking skills as demonstrated in F8 conferences. After Cox was placed into his new role, he suggested that the social media giant will integrate more deeply with its sister apps. New features to integrate WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram should be in the works already, and we should be seeing results over the coming months.

Messenger is seeing some changes as well with David Marcus being replaced by Stan Chudnovsky. Unlike the other new leaders, Chudnovksy is a much newer part of Facebook. He has built growth tools for companies and has worked at PayPal as the head of growth. He has helped grow Messenger to 1.3 billion users with David Marcus.

When WhatsApp was bought by Facebook, the WhatsApp team revealed that they would get full control over the app despite the buyout. However, things seem to be changing right now with WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum leaving the company. Chris Cox is to be replaced by Javier Olivan, who will be head of products. Like Chris, Olivan has been part of the company for a long time after having joined the company in 2007. Olivan will be in charge of products and analytics once the organizational reshuffle is complete.

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