Facebook aimed to kill massive spammer network

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated July 12, 2021

Facebook is taking steps to cut down on spam and improve security. On Friday, Facebook said it disrupted an international fake account operation.

Shabnam Shaik, a Technical program manager of Facebook wrote in a news on a social media site that Facebook was disrupting an operation that consisted of fake likes and comments that may have come from accounts traced to Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and some other countries.

Shaik wrote that the spammers aimed to make Facebook friends then send them spam, but many had not gone through with this problem after liking pages. He also wrote Facebook has vanished a significant number of fake accounts.

"By disrupting the campaign now, we expect that we will prevent this network of spammers from reaching its end goal of sending inauthentic material to large numbers of people." Shaik wrote in a blog post.

According to the Shaik's post, The group tried to mask its activities with some tactics like the connection with the social network through 'proxy' server to disguise where 'like', post, comment and other communication were originating.

This will be the major problem on Facebook, around 67.7 million to 137.8 million accounts were either duplicate or fake. Also, Twitter has faced the similar problem on its site, according to the University of Southern California and Indiana University.

On Thursday, Facebook took out full-page ads in Germany's best-selling newspapers to educate readers on how to spot fake news. Now, they are seriously taking a step to preventing the fake accounts and spam.

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