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  • In recent news, Facebook will be allowing online shoppers who make purchases through Facebook Ads launch a complain if they are not satisfied with their shopping experience.
  • Facebook announced that it wants people to connect with businesses that ‘meet their expectations.’
  • In case there are enough people to complain about a business when it comes to their product or service, the company will ban the business from advertising on Facebook.

Beware Facebook businesses! The social media giant indeed gave an amazing platform to everyone to promote and grow business. In recent times, the company has been making several changes when it comes to advertising on Facebook. The recent change is apparently one of the strict decisions Facebook has ever made – it may ban businesses from advertisers on customer service.

The social media company is determined to improving customer service from advertisers. In the latest news, the organization understands how individuals feel after a bad online shopping experience. Therefore, Facebook has narrowed it down – if you have purchased something from a business through Facebook Ads and you are not happy with the product/service, you can post a complaint about it from the Ads Activity page.

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Furthermore, if there are enough people who are not content with the business’ products or services, social media giant can end up banning it from advertising on Facebook. Recently, several users have complained that they get annoyed when Facebook Ads show inaccurate or wrong shipping times or product details that could be categorized as false advertising. The company is now cracking down on those businesses that mislead people with inaccurate advertisements or do not meet customers’ expectations.

Facebook said in a statement, “We’re taking steps to try and identify these and other common frustrations with a new tool launching globally today. It is designed to let people review businesses that they’ve made a purchase from with the hope of connecting more people with businesses that meet their expectations.