Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Announces US and Canada Release Date!

By Samona Punjabi / April 29, 2022

Eureka Seven's third movie of the three-part theatrical adaptation, Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution, has just set a release date for US and Canada! According to the latest information, Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution will release in the English sub and dub formats in the two countries, with an additional Australian release coming soon.

The three-part theatrical adaptation, Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution, was announced on March 17, 2017. The film trilogy takes place before and during the events of the original series and has an original story. The first movie, Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 1, was released in September 2017. The second film, taking place in an alternative universe and focusing on Anemone, was released in November 2018 under the title Anemone: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution

Eureka-Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution poster
Eureka-Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution poster

Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Release Date and More

Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution is slated to release in the United States and Canada on May 17-18. According to Crunchyroll, tickets for the screenings will sell starting Friday, April 29. More information on screenings can be found here. Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution has been directed by Tomoki Kyoda, with Dai Sato handling the screenplay. Kenichi Yoshida has handled the character designs. Naoki Sato was in charge of music while studio bones inc. helmed the animation production.

The official description for Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution reads:

"The virtual world inside the scub coral (intelligent coral-like lifeforms) created by Eureka... The people from that virtual world appeared on Earth ten years ago when it collapsed. Since this large-scale amalgamation, the humans from the virtual world call themselves "Green Earth" and the original Earth humans call themselves "Blue Earth," and they've come to cause various conflicts with each other repeatedly below the surface. Eventually, Dewey Novak, a senior officer in the Green Earth Armed Forces, rises together with his comrades and finally sets a large-scale terrorism plan into action in order to protect their own dignity.
Meanwhile, Eureka, who is detested by the world as the main cause of the chaos, has become a high-grade combatant with the UN's A.C.I.D. unit. Live in order to keep this world at peace... This was the path of atonement she chose. One day, she receives an order to protect a girl named Iris, a new "Eureka" who has the ability to control scab coral. They fight a lot at first but gradually come to understand each other through their lonely escape. Soon the world faces a crisis, and when that happens, Eureka draws on every last ounce of her strength as she fights. "I want to protect Iris and this world." What future awaits her at the end of that wish of hers?

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