Epic Games Store Suspected of Supplying User Data to the Chinese Government

By Nitish Singh / December 31, 2018

With the US-China trade relations getting worse by the day due to Huawei and ZTE being suspected of spying for the Chinese government, Epic Games is also under suspicion for the same reasons. Epic Games is behind the massively successful game Fortnite and its Unreal Engine that powers some of the most popular video games ever made.

An interesting discussion on Reddit revealed that the Terms of Service listed by Epic Games on its online store states that user data generated can be used by Epic in any way they want to. With Tencent being one of the major shareholders in Epic Games and its ties to the Chinese government, Internet users are now suspicious about Epic Games’ new gaming store that seeks to compete against Steam.

Tim Sweeney of Epic Games responded to the discussion stating “Epic does not share user data with Tencent or any other company. We don't share it, sell it, or broker access to it for advertising like so many other companies do. I'm the founder and controlling shareholder of Epic and would never allow this to happen.

Sweeney stressed that Epic is a US-based company and the terms of service clause that was quoted in the Reddit post refers to the data being used for tax purposes in Europe and some other parts of the world. He also revealed that even though Tencent is a major investor, the company does not have access to user data in any way. Epic Games’ statement needs to be taken at face value, and there is no reason to suspect the company unless user data is misused there is proof presented.

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