EA Drops Loot Boxes from Upcoming WW2 Shooter Battlefield V

By Nitish Singh / May 28, 2018

EA’s latest Battlefield game will not include any loot boxes despite rumors claiming otherwise. With reports surfacing in March that Battlefield V will include loot boxes, an EA representative has confirmed that loot boxes will be left out of the game. The game will continue to feature cosmetic items which can either be earned with in-game currency or through real money.

One of the biggest issues with Battlefield titles was player segregation due to Downloadable Content being paid. Players who chose not to buy the DLC packs would be unable to play in some of the post-release maps, which bifurcated the player base. With the latest installment of Battlefield from EA and recent controversy around other EA games like Star Wars Battlefront II, the publisher shying away from controversial paid add-ons and loot boxes.

Battlefield V

Image Courtesy of Electronic Arts

Star Wars Battlefront II created a lot of controversy in the game industry due to its gameplay affecting loot box items that promoted a pay-to-win aspect. The Standard edition of the game includes all the post-release content including maps and new game modes. A Deluxe edition of the game has been promised, and it is likely to contain additional cosmetic items and in-game currency, but nothing that affects gameplay. The game will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC users on October 19. Players who purchase the Deluxe edition of the game will get a three-day early access pass allowing them to start playing on October 16. An open beta is expected prior to release this year.

Despite the positive changes, there was some controversy surrounding Battlefield V’s trailer due to female representation in the game. While the game does deviate from historical accuracy, the developers want to represent everyone who was part of the World War II. The team also confirmed there would be plenty of customization options and players will be able to create characters of their choice.

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