Download Netflix Movies and Shows for Offline Watch to your Android SD Card

By TechNadu Staff / January 25, 2017

Netflix in its latest Android update added a new feature fo watching the movies and shows on-the-go without the internet connection. Yes, it's true. Netflix just gave you an offline downloader to store the movies on any desired location on your SD card.

Users will be prompted 'Download Location' option in order to switch between SD card or the device storage.

The offline download feature comes with some restrictions a Netflix subscribers could download a lot of movies and television shows to multiple SD cards and simply swap out the cards as needed.

But Netflix has set limits on how long an offline video can be reached; most probably a week. Few movie or shows, it should be watched within the next 48 hours after playing the video for the first time.

Of course, users won’t be able to share SD cards between personal Android devices. Offline content downloaded to an SD card is only accessible on that specific device.

In addition, Netflix has included DRM to halt users from transferring the files to a computer in order to watch video on a larger screen. The files are encoded in a “.nfv” format, thus making the content incompatible with media players on other devices.

Get the latest version of Netflix from google play now and enjoy watching movies on you mobile. No reports on the supported list of devices but Subscribers using devices running older versions of Android or No external storage should think about changing soon.

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