How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access From the Play Store & APK + OBB Links

By Novak Bozovic / June 18, 2021

It’s been quite some time since India banned PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), creating some space for alternatives and less-than-successful spin-offs. However, PUBG is available in India once again, now called – Battlegrounds Mobile India, reachable for those interested in beta-testing. And yes, we know that you've been all wondering how to download Battlegrounds Mobile India from the Play Store.

Keep on reading this guide, and show you two methods to get early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India, available since June 17, 2021. However, before we give you the instructions, make sure to check the following highlights, found just below.


Keep in mind that any progress made in the game's early access will transfer to the final version once it reaches the Play Store. Also, the game lets you log in using your Facebook, Play Games, and other accounts. However, those who used Google Play in the past to log in to PUBG won't be able to transfer their old data (this doesn't apply to any other type of accounts).

Option #1: Download Battlegrounds Mobile India (Early Access) via the Play Store

We highly recommend relying on the Play Store to access Battlegrounds Mobile India. This isn't only the easiest way to get started but also a way to bypass any technical issues. So, here's how to download the newly released game:


KRAFTON, the company behind the newly released game, says that a limited number of early access slots are available right now. However, new slots should become available every couple of hours, so make sure to re-check if you can't sign up straight away.

1. First, become a Battlegrounds Mobile tester by following this link.

2. Once you join the beta testing program, download the game via the Play Store.

3. Install the beta, launch the game – and create a new account.

4. Also, decide whether to transfer your old data (during the initial sign-up or later by going to Settings > Account Transfer). That’s it!

Option #2: Download Battlegrounds Mobile India (Easy Access) via APK + OBB Files

If (for any reason) you can’t join Battlegrounds’ beta program, you can try to access the game another way. So, let’s show you how to download Battlegrounds Mobile India and install the game using APK and OBB files.


In case you have the latest version of Android available, proceed to download Battlegrounds Mobile India’s APK and OBB file (here’s an alternative link as well). And if you have Android 9 or older, download the following APK and OBB files.

1. First, download the required APK and OBB file using the links provided above.

2. Make sure that your Android device supports installations from "unknown sources."

3. Open the newly downloaded APK file and install the game. Do not open it yet!

4. Make sure the OBB file is named ""

5. Paste the OBB file to this directory: Android/OBB/com.pubg.imobile. If you don’t see that folder, feel free to create it – by naming it "com.pubg.imobile."

6. Finally, launch Battlegrounds Mobile India.

7. Create a new account, and decide whether to transfer your old data. That’s it!


If you see an error saying, "Download failed because you may not have purchased this app," you need to double-check if the name of the OBB file corresponds to the instructions above.

And if you see any other error, make sure to grant the required permissions to the game by going to the Settings app (or by log-pressing the game's icon and selecting 'App Info.').

Those would be the two ways to download Battlegrounds Mobile India – via the Play Store or its APK/OBB files. In case of any questions, lets us know via the comments section below. And lastly, thanks for reading!

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