The Do Not Disturb Feature in iOS 12 Focuses on Mindfulness

By Nitish Singh / June 5, 2018

Smartphones were created to boost our productivity, but on the flipside, it has also become a major cause of distraction. Most of the issues arise from those distracting notifications which kindle our curiosity, forcing us to look at our phones. Now, Do Not Disturb functionalities have been there to solve these issues. However, with the latest iOS 12, we are going to get DND functionalities geared towards a mindful experience.

First and foremost, you can insert your bedtime schedule into the new Do Not Disturb functionality. This will set up a new dark themed lock screen layout during your bed hours which will hide away notifications and only display them when you wake up or actively prompted you.

iOS 12 Do not disturb

Image Courtesy of CNN Money

Next up is the ‘quiet notification’ feature. This will let you alter notification behaviors of your apps. You will be able to avoid being disturbed by notifications from apps which you rarely used. These notifications can now be configured to push to your iPhone or iPad, but without any sound, on-screen cards, or lock screen presence. Instead, they will be directly sent to the Notification Center. Standard notification badges will still be accompanied by their respective apps.

Furthermore, there will also be the inclusion of a new Screen Time app. This will present users with a weekly activity summary with all information as to how, where, and when they most use their devices. It will inform users about their frequency to pick up their phones, or how many times they receive notifications. Having a quantifiable idea of your mobile usage should help you develop a healthier habit.

You will also be able to use the Screen Time app to set a specific time limit for a certain app. Once this time limit is over, Screen Time will restrict you from using the app. Of Course, there is always the option to ignore this restriction, but that means you are consciously avoiding the goals you have set for yourself.

However, we can clearly see how much this app limiting functionality will be useful for monitoring our kids. An extension of the app limit feature, called Downtime, will let parents define a specific time range for certain entertainment apps and games. They can also leave certain educational apps accessible for all time. Furthermore, a detailed look at how children use the apps as well as the phone will be readily available.

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