Data Transfer Project Microsoft Google Facebook Twitter
Image Courtesy of 9to5 Google
  • Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter will be creating a data portability platform to allow data migration between multiple platforms with ease.
  • The four companies expect the new platform to help users adopt new technology easily without being required to create multiple profiles for each service.
  • The platform will be secured with high-end protection features and also have a governing body to oversee its development.

One of the biggest problems of using multiple internet services is the need to create multiple user profiles. Four of the biggest tech giants in the industry are trying to solve the problem by offering a single platform that will allow users to transfer their user data across for creating new cards without going through the sign-up phase every time. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have come together to offer a smart solution that can be leveraged to build software and other tools for the Data Transfer Project.

With data leaks and data breaches happening more often than ever, the companies are fully aware that the Data Transfer Project needs to be secure. Microsoft and the other tech giants will be assigning a governing body that will oversee the development of the platform and its data usage policies. The new initiative will not only be beneficial for users who want to sign up for multiple services, but it can also be used to work on authorization mechanisms and APIs to convert user data into a common format. It will make data management simpler for both users as well as the social platforms.

Vice President for Corporate Standards at Microsoft Craig Shank stated: “For people on slow or low bandwidth connections, service-to-service portability will be especially important where infrastructure constraints and expense make importing and exporting data to or from the user’s system impractical if not nearly impossible.” The source code of the platform has already been published to GitHub and can be accessed by anyone who is interested. The new initiative by Microsoft and the other tech giants can solve many data management problems faced in the industry, and the member organizations expect other companies to join the project as well.

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