CyberGhost VPN Introduces Truly Anonymous Dedicated IP Addresses

  • CyberGhost VPN is taking a new approach in static IP service, introducing anonymous tokens.
  • This uncouples account holders from dedicated IP addresses, so anonymity is guaranteed.
  • The new system is a pioneering step in the field that other VPN service providers should copy.

The CyberGhost VPN has announced the availability of truly anonymous dedicated IP addresses for those who need that service. The particular platform was already offering a no-logs dedicated IP system for quite some time. Still, the new system covers more use-case scenarios, is compliant with the strongest security standards, and performs better. Users of the old solution will be automatically passed to the new system now.

Static or dedicated IP addresses are meant to help VPN users avoid fingerprinting mismatches and absolve them from having to go through captcha checks every time they access a particular online service. For example, using a random IP address to access your PayPal account every day will raise all kinds of flags and may bring unneeded trouble.

For this reason, VPN vendors sell static IP addresses as an extra, but having the same IP brings complications around user privacy and tracking. Moreover, many VPN service providers link this IP with payment details, account email, etc., so they know who is using a particular static IP address.

Source: CyberGhost VPN blog

CyberGhost VPN’s new dedicated IP system doesn’t make any compromises in this area, keeping your IP address hidden, your internet connection encrypted, not logging anything, and generally making it impossible to trace you back from your digital footprint.

As the company explains in the following video, they do not link the assigned IP with account details or payment data, so not even they know which IP address corresponds to whom. This is done using a new token system inserted in between, acting as a “randomizer” linkage.

Timo Beyel, CTO of CyberGhost VPN, has stated the following:

We’re excited to launch our new, innovative Dedicated IPs. Through our Zero-Knowledge System and the use of individual authorization tokens, users can now request and use a Dedicated IP address without revealing any information about themselves. This sets a new standard in the VPN industry and challenges the status quo.

This is a truly innovative approach that we hope more VPN vendors will copy. The last time we visited this matter was in July, and from the few service providers that offered a dedicated IP as an option, most were making a connection between the account holder and the IP address. Only TorGuard could claim full anonymity, as it accepts crypto payments for purchasing this kind of service, whereas email addresses can be anonymous too.



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