Court Sanctions TVAddons Owner to Disclose Earnings Data Within 5 Days

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated August 17, 2021

Things are looking grim for TVAddons Owner Adam Lackman as he failed to reveal evidence requested by Dish Network in an ongoing copyright infringement case. The judge who is in charge of the court proceedings at the Texas District Court has asked the Lackman to present all earnings data of TVAddons and Offshoregit (both of which are owned by Lackman) within the next five days or face legal consequences.

TVAddons is not the only add-on's developer to be taken to court by Dish Network. Last year the broadcasting company filed lawsuits against ZemTV as well copyright infringement. While Zem TV chose not to fight the lawsuit and chose to comply with Dish Network’s demands, TVAddons took the broadcaster to court, and a legal battle has been ongoing. Lackman may fine up to $150,000 if Lackman fails to submit “all documents identifying his revenues, costs, and gross profits relating to or from February 17, 2015, through June 4, 2017” according to the court order. In addition to the fines, Lackman will also have to pay for the legal charges incurred by Dish in the lawsuit.

Lackman’s lawyer has made things worse for TVAddons as well by hanging up on Judge Gilmore before a legal teleconference was properly concluded. Gilmore claims that the lawyer’s actions were aimed “to lessen the authority and dignity of the Court”. With the next scheduled hearing coming up in September, the lawyer will have to defend himself against charges of holding the court in contempt, or he will be facing legal action as well.

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