Convert2MP3 Shuts Down Following Legal Action for Copyright Infringement

By Bill Toulas / June 22, 2019

Convert2MP3 has signed a settlement agreement with the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) and the BVMI (Bundesverband Musikindustrie), agreeing to shut down the service immediately and pay a financial compensation that hasn’t been disclosed to the public. Convert2MP3 was one of the largest stream-ripping platforms out there, counting millions of users every month (Alexa Rank: 700), so it couldn’t stay out of the cross-hair of equally large copyright holders and their coalitions. As it became evident now, the platform was fighting the legal case in Germany for quite a while now, but there wasn't any margin for further resistance.


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The domain name of Convert2MP3 has now been passed to the ownership of the IFPI, so the shutting down and hand over took effect immediately. Previously, a German court had issued a preliminary injunction, concluding that Convert2MP3 circumvented the copyright protection measures that were in place by YouTube and the owners of the content by developing and making use of its own specialized software. Following the settlement, the head of IFPS, Frances Moore, has stated the following:

“Stream ripping is a threat to the entire music ecosystem. Sites such as Convert2MP3 show complete disregard for the rights of artists and record companies and take money away from those creating and investing in music. The successful outcome if this case sends a clear signal to other stream ripping sites that they should stop their copyright infringing activities or face legal action.”

We have reported multiple cases of YouTube ripping sites being targeted by large corporations lately, as these platforms are considered a source of unstoppable financial bleeding for the creators. Ripping platforms enable users to download YouTube music, and then listen to them without generating ad revenues for the creator and the label. No matter how many stream ripping websites are closed down however, more are always popping out and take their place as the demand for these platforms is not showing any signs of fading out.

Still, though, Convert2MP3 was one of the bigger fishes of that pond, and having it seized will create a disruption in the stream ripping community. The particular service even offered browser extensions that made it even more comfortable and easy to use, so this was not just your average YouTube ripper going down.

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