Connectivity Issues forces Amazon to Halts Sales of Its Echo Wall Clock

  • Amazon has stopped the sales of its Echo Wall Clock after a number of users complained about being unable to connect to Alexa devices.
  • The Alexa-enabled wall clock’s issues are currently being investigated by Amazon.
  • Amazon revealed that sales will resume “in the coming weeks.”

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock was one of the most intuitive devices launched last year. With a price tag of just $30, the Echo Wall Clock is compatible with Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, or Echo Input and can be used to set timers and alarms which sync with Alexa. However, the product seems to have connectivity issues which forced it to be taken off Amazon’s website recently.

According to reviews on the official listing, it seems like the clock is unable to stay connected and loses accuracy due to it. Amazon is currently working towards fixing the issues and sales will resume in the coming weeks. The e-commerce giant told The Verge “We’re aware that a small number of customers have had issues with connectivity. We’re working hard to address this and plan to make Echo Wall Clock available again in the coming weeks.”

It is unknown if Amazon will be making any changes to hardware and if that happens, we expect existing customers to get replacements for their Echo Wall Clocks. The device makes use of Bluetooth and Amazon had promised coverage of 30 feet, but it seems like users are unable to get consistent connectivity. The clock automatically syncs to the local time and adjusts itself for daylight savings time without any user input needed, but it gets disrupted if it loses connectivity.

While the clock itself is not an Alexa device, it can sync to other Alexa-enabled Echo devices which is why it commands the attractive price tag of $30. Amazon is working on other Alexa devices as well with an Alexa-enabled microwave said to be in the works as well as other home appliances.

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