Here’s What You Can Watch on Hulu in December 2019

By Gabriela Vatu / November 18, 2019

This year has somehow flown past us and we are getting close to the end of 2019. As we do this, we prepare to watch a lot more content online, including on Hulu, as the holiday season approaches. So, we're going to check out all the titles that are landing on Hulu in December 2019.

With a lot of holiday-ready content heading for Hulu, you'll have plenty of things to watch this Christmas. Whether you'll go for the Fast and Furious series, lay back watching some How to Train Your Dragon shorts, or enjoying some of the holidays shows from big networks, it's all up to you. The important thing is that Hulu has it all.

We've set up the list for you, complete with a little presentation of the type of content to expect behind each title, as well as a link from IMDb to help you check them all out before December even starts. You can also check to see which movies and series are leaving at the end of the year, too.

December 1st

December 2nd

December 3rd

December 4th

December 5th

December 6th

December 8th

December 9th

December 11th

December 12th

December 13th

December 16th

December 17th

December 18th

December 19th

December 20th

December 23rd

December 24th

December 27th

December 28th

December 29th

December 30th

Please drop us a note and tell us which titles you're hoping to watch this coming December. You'll find the comments section below the article if you want to write to us. Share the article with friends and family and follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter for more tech news, guides, reviews, and interviews. 

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