Chrome Timeline Extension Removed from Web Store over Trademark Infringement

By Nitish Singh / August 7, 2018

Developer Dominic Maas revealed that his popular Chrome web extension "Windows Timeline Support" was removed from the Web Store after AppDetex filed a trademark infringement complaint. AppDetex is responsible for identifying client trademarks on the internet and assists companies in taking down any violation that the service detects. Google took down the extension after receiving the trademark infringement notice and users are not too happy about it. Both AppDetex and Google contacted the developer via email, notifying him about the copyright infringement. If Maas is reported for further violations, his Web Store Publisher account will be suspended according to Google.

Windows Timeline Support Chrome Extension

Image Courtesy of Bleeping Computer

The Chrome extension allowed Windows 10 users to view their recent/open tabs in the Timeline. Without the extension, users are restricted to viewing only Microsoft Edge tabs and recent files/apps in the Timeline. Maas managed to find a workaround to make Timeline compatible with Chrome by using Microsoft Graph to integrate the feature. With Microsoft not making Timeline compatible with third-party apps, many users downloaded the extension for the added functionality.

Developer Dominic Maas revealed that he attempted to re-publish the app with the name ‘Timeline Support’ to avoid trademark infringement complaints, but the app has not been approved since August 3.

Internet users are not happy with the takedown as the developer simply included Windows in the extension name to denote it works on Microsoft’s OS. Many believe that Microsoft should not have taken down the Chrome extension as it is one of the most innovative apps to be created which had no intention of breaching any trademarks.

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