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Another CES is coming to an end, and this year’s conference has shown us some fascinating innovations from the world of technology. But CES 2018 sleep gadgets are sure one of the more interesting techs we could witness. These devices can help you track and improve your sleeping habits and lead a healthier life.

This technology is not that new, but now it looks way more improved. Developers promise an easier tracking with more precise results. So let’s take a look at what can you expect from your sleeping gadgets in 2018.CES 2018 Sleep Gadgets Introduce Cool New Features

CES 2018 Sleep Gadgets Promise to Be More Effortless

One of the things that’s a little bit annoying with sleep tech is that you need to have your phone in the bed with you at all times or wear special headsets or wristbands. According to SleepScore Labs, this will be the thing of the past, since they created a contactless device. Named Max, this sleep tracker can be placed on your nightstand without the need to be connected to your body in any way. But how does it work then? Max functions by sending radio waves that can monitor the pattern of your breathing. Each morning, it will provide you with your own personal “sleep score”. The company also claims that their device is way more precise than wristbands and apps that serve the same purpose.

CES 2018 Sleep Gadgets Promise to Be More EffortlessAnother interesting gadget of this type is called AromaRest. This device has three main features that include playing calming music, dual defusers that release scented oils, and 96 million colors LED lighting that is set to help you either fall asleep or wake up. You can use all of these features however you like.

Final Thoughts

These are only some of the CES 2018 sleep gadgets we took notice of on this year’s conference. This interesting field of technology is getting more popular by the day, and people who have troubles sleep are giving it a try. Getting enough sleep and forming healthy sleeping habits is important, but are sleep gadgets the way to go? Some doctors had their say on the subject after last year CES which was first for sleep tech.

Are you having sleeping problems? Do you think that this technology can help you with the issue? Leave us a comment on your thoughts on the subject.