Brave to Offer Its Privacy-Focused Ads to Other Browsers and Apps

By Nitish Singh / January 26, 2019

Privacy-centric browser Brave made a lot of bold moves since its release including ditching Google as its primary search engine. According to CEO Brendan Eich, Brave is set to include its privacy-focused ads to other apps and browsers to keep the company afloat. Eich also revealed that Brave will release its software developer kit in the second half of 2019 to help programmers take advantage of the privacy-protecting ads.

Brave had a successful launch with the browser managing to rake in $35 million in funds as part of its initial coin offering, and the developer version of the browser has already started testing the new “ad display and delivery” system. Viewing the ads will allow users to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), but it has not been implemented yet.

All ads that are shown on the browser will see 70% of the generated revenue transferred to the users while Brave will receive the other 30% of the revenue. The ads will not only be displayed on the browser but also on publishers’ websites through partnerships. Users will not receive any revenue from the publisher ads with the 70% cut going to the publishers instead. Eich revealed in an exclusive interview with CNET "First we have to prove the model in Brave, we do want better scale, for high-quality ads with a better audience."

The privacy-focused ads will be completely optional and Brave users can simply opt out of the program if they want to. It is estimated that users may be able to earn over $70 just from viewing ads in the browser. Brave is also set to partner with content creators which and allow users to show their support to content creators by donating tokens which can be withdrawn for real money by the content creators.

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