Brave Browser to Offer Cryptocurrency Tokens to Users for Viewing Ads

Written by Nitish Singh
Published on June 20, 2018

Ad-blocking browser Brave is trying its hand at offering content creators the chance to continue making money while also offering its reliable ad blocking services. The new Basic Attention Token platform announced by Brave allows users to sign up for the program and consensually view pre-selected ads based on user activity on the website to generate cryptocurrency tokens. These tokens can then be transferred to content creators as a reward for their hard work.

The feature is still in early access and available to users who signed up for the BAT program. Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich leads Brave. Eich stated that the new service would allow users to continue experiencing the ad-free experience that Brave offers while also being able to support their favorite content creators.

The ad model of the browser is quite safe as no information is shared outside of the browser, unlike traditional digital advertising models. The browser tracks merely usage habits and recommends ads while other platforms offer little to no control over targeted-ads. Third parties do not get access to any user information according to Brave.

As of now, the cryptocurrency tokens that are generated can only be used to transfer them to content creators. The web browser announced that the tokens could be used to unlock paid premium features for the browser. The user receives 70% of the advertisement revenue while 30% of it is going to the browser. Brave commands a solid user base with backers raising $35 million in 30 seconds to support the browser. With recent scandals causing users to be wary of online services that track user information, Brave tries to offer quality anti-tracking features and anonymity to help users browse the internet without being tracked by websites that do not explicitly ask for consent for targeted advertising.

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