Boston Dynamic Robot can jump 4 ft, lift 100 lbs, and skate on 2 wheels

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated January 23, 2018

Boston Dynamic, a new humanoid Robot created this year. The Robotics owned by Google parent firm Alphabet has released its latest “nightmare-inducing robot”.

The specialty of Boston Dynamic is that they could balance their own weight with the two wheels fixed. It can also be called as Wheeled humanoid, that can carry a heavy load of 100 lbs, squats on two wheels and jump over 4 ft vertically and then the robot travels nine mph, 6.5 feet tall.

Leaked footage reveals a robot that look like a child of the altas bot and a segway and it can have self- balancing capacities to prevent falls. Its upper body is fully equipped with two arms and elbow that point in the opposite direction of its knees.

Handles moves with a surprising agility. And it also stand a top small wheels with leg like appendages that bend in knee that will point backward. Robot on ice need to licensed immediately.

Boston Dynamics not officially revealed, but their latest design, a video shared in youtube by Venture captitalist Steve Jurvetson gives a sneak peek and the article in TNW.

Mare Raibert, founder describes handle as ‘what I think will be a nightmare inducing Robot’. The world wide organization from DARPA, Army, Navy, and Marine crops to sony corporations turn to Boston Dynamics for help to creating the most advanced and well designed robot on world.

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