BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen Leaves Following TRON Acquisition

By Nitish Singh / August 20, 2018

BitTorrent Inc. is one of the companies that have influenced the internet the most. It started as a public message board and turned out to be one of the biggest drivers of internet traffic through the infamous BitTorrent client and other apps and services the company offers. BitTorrent was recently acquired by cryptocurrency startup TRON recently as part of a massive business deal.

The co-founder and inventor of the company Bram Cohen did approve of cryptocurrency in the past but has changed his opinion on digital currency. He will be working on his cryptocurrency that seeks to be environmentally friendly. He is unhappy with the company’s management and decided to leave the company after BitTorrent was acquired by TRON. He believes that Bitcoin is a flawed cryptocurrency and mining is essentially wasteful. Cohen no longer has an official role at BitTorrent, and he started to distance himself from the company once the business deal with TRON was announced.

BitTorrent Founder Bram Cohem on BitCoin

Image Courtesy of TorrentFreak

TRON is a highly controversial cryptocurrency as well. The company seeks to use seeding on the BitTorrent platform as a means of generating its cryptocurrency TRX. Cohen did not comment on the new cryptocurrency mining process that is being implemented by the company and simply stated that he has nothing to do with TRON and its future with its newly acquired company.

While BitTorrent has not been the most financially successful company in the world, Cohen could have never imagined what he started would become a company earning millions through advertisements. His company will lose some of its flairs, and it definitely makes the future of Cohen's company uncertain following the merger with TRON.

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