5 Best Toorgle Alternatives to Lighten Up Your Torrenting Experience in 2018

By Dev Gupta / May 8, 2018

There is no second-guessing about this one – Toorgle was founded to be the Google of Torrenting. And it works pretty much in that fashion. The site searches over 450 torrent websites at the same time and returns the best results for each query. It’s pretty much a refined version of the late

Toorgle in itself is a great site for finding torrent files. And in case you thought otherwise, it is quite alive and kicking. However, it is always wise to have a list of alternatives handy should Toorgle ever stop responding the way it does not. Also, we are all wary of the fate of any torrent site that garners considerable popularity.

At any rate, alternatives to Toorgle include a range of websites that either act as torrent search engines or have a huge library of torrents. In this article, we tell you about all those websites that are viable Toorgle alternatives.

5 Toorgle Alternatives for Fast Torrent Searches

It is difficult for us to start this list without a fair warning about privacy. When you visit sites like Toorgle, your ISP has the knowledge of it. Moreover, others on the web can easily see your IP address and ISP if you share (or download) files on torrent sites. You can easily mitigate both these issues with the help of TechNadu recommended ExpressVPN.

Option #1: Torrentz2

Prominent Features Strong meta search engine; Large community of dedicated users
What’s Missing Limited browsing filters
Visit Torrentz2

When we speak of torrent search engines, the first site that automatically comes to our mind is Torrentz. It was a great site that had been the favorite of a large chunk of internet users for a very long time. When Torrentz passed away, it was replaced by Torrentz2.

Torrentz2 was not made by the team behind Torrentz. However, it did have the same look and feel that would go on to make it the perfect clone. The site is a powerful search engine that has beaten all other Torrentz cones to the dust. While the site does not have any library of its own, it is great for almost any kind torrent search.

Torrentz2 also retains the myTorrentz section that we had grown used to with The Torrentz2 meta-search engine also combines search results from a number of websites. You also get a lot of older content on this site – some of which might not be present in any other torrent site.

Option # 2: 1337x

1337X Torrent Site
Prominent Features Popular tracker; Long lists for searches; Simple navigation
What’s Missing Comes with a lot of ads
Visit 1337x

1337x is still one of the largest, oldest, and most popular torrent sites still around. While it was never as popular as Torrentz or Kickass Torrentz when those sites were at their prime, we give it a lot of credit for staying afloat even in desperate times. In 2018, 1337x is also a great alternative for Toorgle.

At the moment, 1337x is also one of the most contemporary websites in terms of keeping the list updated. You will find a ton of new content on the website every day. We consider 1337x a terrific alternative to Toorgle simply because of its huge torrent library.

The site could definitely make do with a design makeover though. The red and black theme deserves to undergo a makeover in 2018. Plus, like with any other torrent site, 1337x should definitely work on showing us fewer ads. Nevertheless, the site is a huge library of torrents with tons of movies, games, and TV shows.

Option #3: RARBG

Prominent Features Stacked torrent library, years of reputation, neat UI
What’s Missing Odd inaccessibility issues

It is always difficult to maintain your reputation if you are a torrenting site. RARBG has not just managed to stay a successful torrent site. It has also proved to be a viable alternative to big names like The Pirate Bay and Toorgle. RARBG is now bigger than ever and hosts thousands of torrents.

Over the years, RARBG has grown in popularity. And unlike, 1337x, it has made due efforts in occasionally changing the look and feel of the website. The neat design of the site makes it very effective for users who are used to the simplistic design of Toorgle.

While RARBG is not a torrent search engine like Toorgle, it is still a valid alternative. It packs in torrents under almost every category of content including games and TV shows. Of late, RARBG has been unavailable in some areas. Using a free or paid VPN service should connect you to the site if it’s unavailable.

Option #4: YTS

YTS.AG Torrent Site
Prominent Features Big movie repertoire; Well-designed UI; Lower file sizes
What’s Missing Far too many ads
Visit YTS

For the longest time, we have known YTS as an immensely effective alternative to YIFY. At one point in time, YIFY was a very popular resource for movie fans who wanted torrent files to be low-size and top quality. The site passed away and YTS replaced it winsomely.

So what makes YTS a good alternative to Toorgle? If you are looking for a movie that was released over a year ago, there’s a good change YTS will have an HD copy of the movie. And that is why it YTS is a great option for HD movies.

Unlike Toorgle, YTS hosts its movies on its servers. If you have been using Toorgle for finding iconic movies, YTS is the best place outside of Toorgle. Apart from movies, you will also find TV shows and some anime content. Again, we would have desperately loved an ad or two less.

Option #5: The Pirate Bay

Prominent Features Magnet links; Easy navigation; Millions of torrents (popular and unpopular)
What’s Missing Very Annoying ads
Visit The Pirate Bay

Before Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay used to be the most popular torrent site on the planet. Now that Kickass Torrents is gone (alas), TPB is again the king of the torrenting world. Even though it has been banned in a few countries, people are using VPNs to access contents hosted on its servers.

You can download files instantly on The Pirate Bay. And that applies across a selection of genres. You can download torrents from categories like movies, TV shows, books, software, anime, games, and even fonts. Yes, you can call it the pacific of all torrenting oceans.

But TPB is not as neat today as it once was. There are way too many ads to allow you a pleasant experience on the site. After losing some ad revenue, the site has also been using CPU of its users to mine cryptocurrency. If you are okay with that, there is a lot in this site for you.

The Best Way to Use Toorgle Alternatives

This happens to all us. Sometimes we are looking for something on the web so hard, we do not care which site we are on. However, torrenting is a very difficult game to play if you do not hold your cards close to your chest.

When you are using sites like Toorgle, your ISP has full knowledge of it. Plus, the other users on the torrenting site can track your IP address and find out your location. To avoid these two categorical problems, you should use a Virtual Private Network or VPN. That is the only way you can stay protected on torrent sites.

Good VPN services do not just let you use torrenting websites. Depending on where you are physically located, a VPN can unblock websites, protect your internet browser, and connect you to Netflix, Skype, or even YouTube. TechNadu recommends you always use an ExpressVPN service to keep your connection secure and private.

Disclaimer: Using torrenting sites for P2P file sharing is perfectly legal and legitimate web behavior. However, TechNadu does not, in any way, condone copyright infringement whether on torrenting sites or otherwise. Please use the web diligently. 

Final Words

That was our list of the best Toorgle alternatives in 2018. Should you ever face an issue on Toorgle, do jump on to one of the sites we have mentioned in the list. Until the next time, keep browsing!

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