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Best iPad 9.7-inch Cases and Covers

By Dev Gupta / April 8, 2018

An iPad is a great choice any old day of the week. The latest 9.7-inch iPad is a cool and inexpensive choice. Most of us who have older iPads of (of any sizes) sat up and took note when the 9.7-inch iPad was released. The 9.7-inch model is easily the new reviewers’ favorite.

Long story short – the new iPad is not just a gorgeous and fast device – it is also a cheaper alternative to what used to be an alternative luxury for most. You can bring home the 32GB version at a direct cost of $300, the price point that was earlier reserved for the aged models.

iPad 9.7-inch: Quick Recap

The newest iPad is also the most efficient tablet rolled out by Apple so far. It has a stunning display, great viewing angles, and fast processing to let you multitask in a breeze.

If you want to know more about the 2018 version of the iPad 9.7-inch, read our elaborate review of iPad 2018. We have also done a separate piece on the difference between iPad 2017 and iPad 2018. The 2018 version is basically the same weight and size as its 2017 predecessor. The major takeaway in the 2018 model is the Apple Pencil Support.

In its entirety, the iPad 9.7-inch is a dual-sided glass and metal object that symbolizes finesse. However, any small tinker on the iPad can significantly dent its impressive looks and may turn out to be even worse. In this article, we will tell you about the best covers and cases for iPad 9.7-inch.

Best Covers for iPad 9.7-inch

After our extensive review, here are some of the best iPad 9.7-inch covers that we have come across.

Option #1: iPad Smart Cover


Colors White, Midnight Blue, Charcoal Gray, Product Red, Pink Sand
Pros Thin and minimal design, Magnetic connection, Keyboard stand
Cons Tad expensive for the quality
Price $28.49 (Save $10.51 (27%))
Available at Amazon

The iPad Smart Cover is available on Apple’s website for a crunch price of $39. The Smart cover protects the screen of the iPad when it is not in use. It also doubles up as a foldable stand when in use. On the positive side, you get to choose from a number of colors.

The smart cover is built of polyurethane material and comes with a color-matched microfiber lining that protects your display from dust and moisture. Your iPad is magnetically aligned with the cover by a hinge. The smart cover also doubles up as a keyboard stand. You can fold the cover back to tilt the iPad into a comfortable position for writing.

Option #2: Logitech Slim Folio iPad Case


Colors Black
Pros Great protection, smooth keyboard
Cons Very highly priced
Price $94.67 (Save $5.32 (5%))
Available at Amazon

Logitech’s Slim Folio case is a great and handy way to offer maximum protection to the iPad while making sure that the iPad is never away from a proper keyboard. The Slim case connects to the iPad with the help of Bluetooth LE. The iPad is completely protected from one end to the other and you have zero concerns about scuffs and scratches.

There are two replaceable batteries powering the case. That means you do not need to charge it. The battery life is said to be 4 years, which in itself is a big feat. The keyboard comes with a full range of hotkeys that are specially designed for iOS. Typically, you never have to touch the screen adjust volumes, change the language, or switch between apps.

Option #3: Twelve South BookBook


Colors Red, Black, Brown
Pros Great look and feel, protective sturdiness
Cons Not the sleekest iPad cover
Price $59.95 (Save $14.86 (20%))
Available at Amazon

The Twelve South BookBook case surrounds the iPad with two solid leather covers. This makes it look like a vintage book straight out of the shelf. There is a zippered closure that helps you keep the iPad safe from the elements. Inside the leather enclosure, there is a support frame that pops up the tablet in a variety of angles.

While there are limited utilities of the cover itself, it is definitely a great way to create a statement. Apart from the vintage aesthetics, Twelve South BookBook is also a great protector, thanks to its sturdiness. And there is an additional fold for safely including the pen.

Option #4: Supcase Unicorn Beetle


Colors Black, Blue, White, Pink
Pros Sturdiness, Hard material
Cons Compromised aesthetics
Price $25.91
Available at Amazon

If you are looking for heavy-duty protraction for your iPad 9.7-inch, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle is a great option for you. The hard polycarbonate build material is great for protecting all the angles, sides and edges of the iPad. There are a built-in protector and a dust cover that guard the headphone jack and the lightning port.

There is a belt-clip on the case that can hook the iPad onto your waist. While we are not sure if you would want to tag an iPad on your waist, the option to do it is still there. There are a number of colors to choose from. And the price is generally agreeable (more so if you manage to tame some discounts).

Option #5: Speck Balance Folio


Colors Magenta Pink, Twilight Blue, Velvet Red, Slate Gray, Charcoal Gray
Pros Separate viewing angles for reading and typing, great stand, sleek profile
Cons Flimsy build material
Price $23.99 (Save $15.96 (40%))
Available at Amazon

Speck’s multicolored foldable case is now available for iPad 9.7-inch in five colors. The case offers you two different viewing angles. The relatively vertical angle is great for reading while the more horizontal one is good for typing. Moreover, the Speck balance also doubles up as a stand for the iPad.

The magnetic front cover helps in locking and waking up the iPad screen. That way, you will never need to worry about leaving the screen on for too long. The camera in the back of the cover is protected with the help of a raised edge. The impressive price point means that just about anyone can afford it.

Final Words

We hope you found the iPad 9.7-inch cover you were looking for with the help of our article. The key is to first decide what you need the cover for. While general protection is a given, there are other elements to consider – like reading, watching videos, typing, or creating a strong statement. Once you have figured that out, it becomes way easier to select the right cover for your iPad.

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