5 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives For All Kinds of P2P Sharing

By Dev Gupta / May 4, 2018

We do not mean to depress you. But as the last message on the site pointed out: “ET was really the place to be.” Although not as mainstream as some of the other bigwigs, ExtraTorrent was one of the largest torrent aggregators in the open world of the web.

As of May 2017, ExtraTorrent joined the likes of Torrentz and Kickass Torrents and slept the long sleep. The shock and panic were all too evident in the loyal users of the site. And why not? The torrenting site was a neat search engine and library with tens of thousands of torrents.

But the internet forgets fast and has the capacity to find replacements for even the best. ExtraTorrent was not the first torrent site to go down. And it will not be the last. In this article, we tell you about some of the best torrent websites that are worthy alternatives to ExtraTorrent and its legacy.

Quick and Effective: 5 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

We are about to show you the best ExtraTorrent Alternatives. But before that, we would like to remind you that your web security and privacy could be at risk if you are not using a VPN service. Plus, your ISP might not allow you to reach one or more torrenting sites on this list. TechNadu recommends you use a sound VPN service like ExpressVPN for sage torrenting.

Option #1: The Pirate Bay

Prominent Features Magnet links; Easy navigation; Millions of torrents (popular and unpopular)
What’s Missing Very annoying ads
Visit ThePirateBay

At one point, only two torrenting sites were as popular as the Avengers. Half of those are now gone. And the half that remains is called The Pirate Bay. Long story short, the only site that ever matched the popularity of TPB was the Kickass Torrents. TPB is a great alternative to ExtraTorrent by sheer virtue of that fact.

Just about any torrent that is mainstream, is there on The Pirate Bay. While the design of the site might not be as cool and funky as some the newer ones, the library of torrents is definitely well stocked. Plus, it has been there for the longest. So you can expect some of the oldest torrents here.

Over the past couple of years, TPB has earned some bad fame because of a number of reasons. Its managers were accused of using CPUs of web visitors to mine cryptocurrency. But that is not something you should be worried about.

Option #2: IsoHunt

Prominent Features Neat design; Huge library of torrents
What’s Missing Relatively lower number of peers
Visit IsoHunt

Just like ExtraTorrent, IsoHunt has been an underrated torrent site all along. And by underrated, we mean it has performed just as well as the big boys. The site was under censorship and following that, it was also shut down temporarily. But it is back up and looking fitter than ever.

After some major revamping, IsoHunt has become a huge library of torrents from across genres. The site has also made a name for itself by not tolerating any malware that some notorious users may try to push. The website blog is routinely updated. This is the space where you gather the latest news and updates.

IsoHunt has a decent selection of categories under which torrents are placed. You get torrents in anime, movies, TV shows, software, and games. After the demise of ExtraTorrent, IsoHunt has emerged as one of the best alternatives to it. The Top Searches section shows you what people have looked up on the site recently.

Option # 3: Torrentz2

Prominent Features Search engine built on the Torrentz model, has even the oldest of torrents
What’s Missing Does not have always point you to a safe website
Visit Torrentz2

If Torrentz were still alive today, it would be almost as good an alternative to ExtraTorrent as we could find. However, Torrentz2 was founded to become a true-blue clone of Torrentz. And that is just what Torrentz2 has been successful in doing. At the moment, it is a terrific alternative to ExtraTorrent.

Torrentz2 is a powerful meta search engine for torrents with an amazingly fast operational speed. In addition, you always get the simplistic look and feel of Torrentz. While it is not as big as Torrentz, it has been growing continuously ever since it came into existence.

Torrentz2 is also famous for keeping a tab on torrents and content that is obsolete for other torrent sites. Then, there is the myTorrentz section where you find all the latest and trending torrents at one place. At the time of writing, Torrentz2 had over 61 million indexed torrents on the site. So if something’s not here, it might not be there at all.

Option # 4: Nyaa

Prominent Features Simple design; Built for anime
What’s Missing Annoying ads, no translation for some parts
Visit Nyaa

If you are an anime lover like us, we understand how dearly you miss ExtraTorrent. For people in the west and some parts of Eastern Europe, ExtraTorrent used to be the first place to visit for anime content. Now that ExtraTorrent is gone, Nyaa has emerged as a worthy alternative for anime content.

On Nyaa, you will find a lot more than Naruto and Dragonball Z. There are lots of new titles which are duly dubbed. The best thing is you will also find English subtitles for a majority of the torrents. Clearly, Nyaa is for folks who are looking to crack open the next level of anime treasure.

The website interface is simple and fast. You can download with any regular torrent client. However, we strongly advise you against downloading anything without subscribing to a VPN provider. This way, your ISP will not be able to trace your activity and other users of the site will not know your real location.

Option # 5: RARBG

Prominent Features Clean and effective design; No annoying/suspicious ads
What’s Missing Some torrents could be missing

The torrenting environment is very harsh if you are a new player looking to make it bigger. But the bigger truth is, it is harder for the ones that are older. RARBG is a clean, effective, and a huge resource for torrenting fans. More importantly, it has been able to survive the legal horrors.

RARBG was down for a while and is now back to its full and unadulterated glory. The design of the site is incredibly neat with hardly any room for complaining. The size of the torrent library bigger than our collective imagination. From movies to TV shows and games to books, you get everything from this collector.

Now RARBG has been on the hitlist of a number of ISPs. In case, you cannot access the site, your ISP might have censored it. If that’s the case, use an inexpensive VPN to unblock RARBG and access a welcomingly large collection of torrents.

Safe Torrenting 101: Always Use a VPN

It does not matter how urgently we need something. It is important to understand that our web activity is consistently being monitored by ISPs. Any site that they deem “suspicious” can be instantly censored out of reach. And it just so happens that torrent sites are the first ones to beam up into oblivion.

Apart from your ISP, you will also need to worry about thieves roaming around the general perimeter of the web. These are people that steal personal information from people who are on the web. And torrent sites are the best places for these fraudsters to find new targets.

The best way to tackle both the above situations is to use a VPN service. A VPN service assigns an IP from another geography to you. So no one on the web will find out your real location or IP address. Moreover, a good VPN service will not even let your ISP know that your connection has been routed through some other IP. We highly recommend ExpressVPN for this usage.

Disclaimer: TechNadu does not condone any kind of infringement of copyright. As a young tech startup founded on the value of originality, we stand with creators of original content. While P2P sharing of files is legal, we recognize that this method could be used to infringe upon someone’s copyright. Any such behavior is highly condemnable.   

Final Words

It has been more than a year. ExtraTorrent still does not have any replacement. We have made an attempt to guide you to some of the alternatives that could be different from ExtraTorrent but might solve your purpose nonetheless.

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