Best Anime With More Than 100 Episodes

By Sydney Butler / April 9, 2021

These days, the typical anime clocks in at around 12 episodes per season, which means it doesn't take long at all before you've blown through all of the episodes on offer. Then, you have to wait months or years for more of the story - at least in animated form. On the other hand, there are absolutely epic anime series that have 100 episodes or more. If you're looking for a serious way to kill time, these are some of the best anime with more than 100 episodes.

13. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (110 Eps.)

A personal favorite of ours, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is an absolutely epic space opera, and it really needs its huge episodic run. Although the show has recently been remade as the much shorter Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis, it's only 24 episodes in after more than three years. Another 24-episode addition has been announced, but it will be a while before the whole story is retold.

In any case, the show tells the story of two massive warring human factions, each protecting a large galactic empire. Well, one is an actual empire, and the other a republic. We have heroes on both sides, with Yang Wen-li commanding the republic forces and Reinhard von Lohengramm on the empire's side. In this war, however, there are no real winners. We get to watch these two tactical geniuses try to outwit each other on the battlefield while incredible political intrigues happen behind the scenes. It's not for everyone, but if you love epic space battles and political moves that make Game of Thrones look like kindergarten, you need to track down this show.

12. Hunter × Hunter (148 Eps.)

It's hard to convey just how popular Hunter x Hunter actually is. The poor creator of the franchise tends to go on sabbaticals, leaving fans lamenting when they'd get their next fix. This anime has actually been made twice, with the new series starting in 2011, resetting the clock and attempting to adapt the manga as faithfully as possible, with minimal filler.

The "hunters" in the show are top-class human specialists who can find treasure, battle rare and powerful beasts, and can take on other powerful humans. Gon Freecss believes his parents are dead, and it turns out his dad is alive and killing it as a hunter. Gon decides to take the hunter exam to be both like his dad and have a better shot at finding him. Along with his weird hunter friends, Gon takes viewers on a heck of an adventure over the show's 148 episode run.

11. Dragon Ball (153 Eps.)

Plenty of people reading this might be surprised that we've chosen the original Dragon Ball anime rather than the much more popular Dragon Ball Z, considering Z has better animation, more action, and a much more expansive world. However, it doesn't have Dragon Ball's charm, and the sense of discovery and adventure is lessened.

Dragon Ball isn't the fighting-anime show that Z and subsequent titles would become - and it's better for it. It's also where you should start instead of just jumping into Z, as so many people have done.

10. Ranma ½ (161 Eps.)

Ranma ½ is a fantastic comedy anime that ran for 143 episodes. It tells the hilarious story of Ranma Saotome, a martial artist who falls into a cursed spring that turned him into a woman. Whenever Ranma is splashed with cold water, he turns into a girl, and hot water turns him back into a boy.

As you can imagine, this leads to all sorts of awkward situations, played hard for laughs. If you feel like having a chuckle at a pretty lighthearted (if raunchy) show, Ranma is far from the worst choice.

9. Black Clover (170 Eps.)

A much more recent, wizard-centered shonen anime, Black Clover did not get off on the right foot with fans. This was mainly because the main character, Asta, was constantly screaming in the most annoying way. That issue was toned down quickly, and Black Clover became a juggernaut during its run. If you've overlooked this show when it first started because of all the complaints, try it again. After the initial episodes run their course, you'll find a Naruto-like story, but told tightly with little filler.

Asta wants to be the Wizard King, but he has no magic at all in a world where everyone has at least a little. As a result, he's blessed with the "Black Clover," a grimoire that gives Asta the power of anti-magic. Making him a formidable opponent for any wizard.

8. Inuyasha (193 Eps.)

A great example of classic Isekai (other world) anime, Inuyasha is filled with adventure, fantasy, and romance. Modern-day (well, '90s) girl Kagome Higurashi is dragged down into a magical well by a centipede demon. After escaping its clutches, Kagome finds herself in a strange world resembling feudal Japan.

Here, she encounters the half-demon Inuyasha, and they are forced to set out on a monumental fetch quest together - despite not getting along very well. As you've probably figured out, they eventually take a liking to each other., but a lot of entertaining stuff happens along the way.

7. Boruto (193 Eps. & Counting)

Boruto is both a spin-off and continuation of Naruto. While the show is set after the events of Naruto Shippuden, it has a different main character. Boruto is the son of Naruto and Hinata from the original series. So the show lets fans catch a glimpse of what happened to their favorite characters.

However, Boruto is its own thing, which may be a good or a bad thing, depending on you. It does stand on its own feet and offers a brand new ninja adventure that isn't just a rehash of Naruto's adventure.

6. Sailor Moon (200 Eps.)

If you've never heard of Sailor Moon, then you have probably been living under a rock for decades. This is the quintessential "magical girl" anime, with unprecedented cultural impact both within and outside Japan.

It follows a girl named Usagi Tsukino, who can transform into the powerful soldier Sailor Moon. She's on the hunt for magical artifacts, eventually forming a team with other sailor soldiers. It all sounds pretty wacky, but the show is compelling and has great characters and a fun plot. It's well worth checking out.

5. Fairy Tail (328 Eps.)

Running for almost ten years, Fairy Tale isn't as well-known as Naruto (for example) but is well worth a look. Set in a world called "Earth-land," it tells the story of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia. Natsu invited Lucy to join his wizard guild named Fairy tale, an organization where wizards take on jobs much as they would in a traditional adventurer's guild. Natsu is looking for his adopted father, and each member of their growing party has their own reason for being in the business.

The group travels the world completing missions and generally having a blast. If you like the high adventure or One Piece, Fairy Tale should be right up your alley.

4. Bleach (366 Eps.)

Bleach is another absolute titan and classic from the world of shonen anime. The main character, Ichigo Kurosaki, has the ability to see ghosts and other spiritual phenomena. Something which gets him into trouble every now and then as he tries to help the occasional lost soul.

However, one day he encounters a spiritual monster known as a "Hollow," which is what lost human souls become when they aren't helped to pass on to the afterlife in time. He also meets a girl who has come from the afterlife to defeat the Hollow. She's a reaper tasked with helping souls pass on in peace. One thing leads to another, and her powers are transferred to Ichigo.

Leading to a situation where he has to act as a reaper substitute until they can figure things out. So far, so good, but pretty soon, this show opens up into an epic tale that plays out in the afterlife and other strange spaces beyond mortal reality. Ichigo learns a lot about himself and his origins in the process while fighting in ever more impressive battles. The only real downside to this show is the filler - but with a good filler guide in hand, that should be no problem!

3. Gin Tama (367 Eps.)

With a 12-year run and over 300 episodes, Gin Tama stands out for several reasons. First of all, it's a comedy and consistently trades on humor. At the same time, it's also a sci-fi adventure and an alternate history story, set in the late Edo period of Japan. In this alternate history, Japan has been attacked by an alien race. The aliens win and take dominion over Japan. So it offers a weird mix of sci-fi and samurai-era elements.

The story centers on three characters who have a freelance "we do anything" shop, which basically means they'll take any job that pays to survive in this weird, weird world. Predictably, hijinks ensue.

2. Naruto + Shippuden (220+ 500 Eps.)

While this isn't a ranked list, Naruto and its sequel Naruto Shippuden would have been at the top regardless. Together, these shows have more than 700 episodes and insane popularity. It tells the story of a young ninja named Naruto, who grows up as a misfit orphan but dreams of being the leader of his ninja village.

The show has one of the most unique worlds, blending ninja myth and legend, Japanese supernatural traditions, and modern technology into something totally unique. The road to Naruto achieving his dream is also paved with badass action, amazing twists, and some of the most interesting characters you'll ever meet. Naruto should be watched with a filler guide to cut down on the insane episode count, but it's definitely worth watching.

1. One Piece (968 Eps. & Counting)

With Boruto somewhat dropping the ball, we'd argue that One Piece is quite possibly the best ongoing shonen anime today. It tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who yearns to find the greatest pirate treasure of all. He's also one of the few individuals with superpowers thanks to an item known as the devil's fruit. In his case, it gives him the ability to stretch like rubber, but the downside is that he'll drown the second he falls into the water. Not a great situation for a pirate at sea!

One Piece has a unique art style, some fantastically zany characters, and it is a huge amount of fun. It's also very distinctive in its art style and sets itself apart from other Shonen shows in various ways. Personally, we've never been part of the people that One Piece really "clicks" with, but people who are fans of this show have a hardcore love for it.

It's All Subjective

While it's 100% true that these anime have more than 100 episodes, whether they are really the "best anime with 100 episodes" depends on who you ask. Clearly, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball aren't made to appeal to the same demographic, but both shows stand on their own merit. We'd love to hear your recommendations for long-running shows and why you love your personal favorites. Let us know in the comments.

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