Yet Another Popular Pirate IPTV Platform is Shut Down by ACE

By Bill Toulas / December 29, 2020

As the year’s end approaches, ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) is working like a busy bee to shut down those pesky pirate IPTV services that are stealing the precious “honey” from its members during the holidays. This time, the ‘Beast IPTV’ was forced to shut down after facing a deluge of problems over the past couple of weeks.

According to user reports, ‘Beast IPTV’ lost its customer support as there was no agent online to help users register or resolve any problems since at least the beginning of the month. Moreover, existing users were barred from making new payments and renewing their subscriptions to the illicit streaming service. And finally, the platform completely disappeared, going offline for good.

But all of the above didn't happen without any announcements from the operators’ side. The first announcement that was posted on the website informed “everyone” that the service is gone for good and won’t be returning. This was also a warning to avoid using clones and fake sites set up to trick the userbase. All accounts were closed, and all services were turned off to protect the platform's sensitive data.

The second message that was posted gave an explanation about the reason for the shutdown, mentioning a court order that dictates the seizure of the Beast domains. The plaintiffs of the legal action that set this process in motion were Disney, Netflix, Bell Media, Warner Bros, and other ACE members. The court order doesn’t fail to include servers' seizure and any client data that may be hosted οn them, but we guess that Beast IPTV had enough time to wipe everything anyway.

One piece of advice that the service gave to its customers was not to chargeback, as that would expose their financial, and by extension, their personal information to the law enforcement authorities. Of course, some may find this claim dubious, but the amount for an IPTV subscription is nothing compared to extrajudicial settlement agreements, so it’s simply not worth the risk. And if you want to avoid the fuss and unneeded stress in the first place, do not subscribe to any pirate streaming services in the first place.

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