A Speed-Reading Smartwatch News App Is in The Works By BBC

By Nitish Singh / August 10, 2018

Earlier today, news publisher BBC revealed that it is working with Spritz to offer speed-reading technology for its smartwatch app. It is not the first time the news publisher has tried something with an earlier prototype ‘mind control’ feature being released by the company for its iPlayer app which allowed users to choose TV shows by using a brainwave-reading headset and a holographic TV.

While the mind control technology was not practical at all for most users, the new speed-reading technology just might be what smartwatch readers need to update themselves with current affairs on the go.

Sprtiz was founded in 2011 and is renowned for its innovative speed-reading solutions in the form of browser plugins and mobile apps, but the company has never partnered with a major publisher like BBC before. According to Spritz, moving your eyes from left to right while reading takes up around 80% of your time. It makes reading a time consuming and inefficient task and Spritz eliminates the problem using its patented technology.

The company’s software displays one word at a time in rapid succession, which avoids the need to move your eyes, making reading extremely fast and efficient.

Source: BBC

To ensure users are attentive, one random letter in each word is highlighted in red to draw your attention. This is called the ‘optimal recognition point’ by Spritz. It allows the brain to process the words and put them in context. BBC will be using the same technology for its smartwatch app in the near future as it eliminates the problems of having a tiny display for reading.

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