Avoid Amazon Prime Membership Fee Increase With These 3 Simple Steps!

By Goran Spasojevic / April 30, 2018

After Amazon announced that they will be bumping up their subscription fee for the Prime membership, customers have been debating about the new price and if the increased price is worth the money since you do get some additional benefits. However, we have found out that there is a way to get around the newly increased price, and it involves using Amazon gift cards.

The first step will seem counter-intuitive, but you need to cancel your Amazon Prime membership. Don't worry though, your Prime account won't be canceled until the renewal date. So, once you enter your Prime membership page, click on the button named "End my benefits".

Amazon Prime Gift Page Screenshot

Image Courtesy Of Amazon

The next step is to go to the Amazon Prime gift page and purchase a 12-month Amazon Prime gift card. Currently, this gift card costs $99 just as the old subscription fee. So, basically, you can buy ten gift cards for the next ten years for a price of $99. Keep in mind that, as 9to5Google notes, Amazon can easily change their rules and ask you to pay the remainder of the new price in the future. But with the current rules, this deal works like a charm.

The third and final step is to use these acquired gift cards once every 12 months before your Prime membership expires. Another thing to pay attention to before you try this out, says the Wirecutter Deals, is the fact that if you already have an account that is active since 2015 and has a "full family features" enabled, by doing the step one of this guide, you will lose those benefits. So if you have one of these accounts, then this might not be something you want to do.

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