Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2, Episode 3 Recap: “Two Brothers”

By Samona Punjabi / January 25, 2022

If you haven't watched the latest episode of Attack on Titan: The Final Season, everything below is a MAJOR SPOILER.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19 has blown away our minds... and Eren's head. The latest episode, titled "Two Brothers," features some of the most shocking turn-of-events in the series by far. The previous episode saw the Beast Titan falling to the ground from atop the Wall after getting shot in the nape by General Magath.

As the Beast Titan fell, Eren continued to limp towards him, in Titan form, with Reiner still on his tail. The latest episode picks up exactly where we left off, with Eren heading towards Zeke.

Since the latest Attack on Titan episode was titled "Two Brothers," fans assumed it referred to the relationship between Eren and Zeke Yeager. However, while that is partly true, they aren't the only set of brothers the episode focused on. Two Brothers referred to three pairs of brothers: The Yeagers, The Grices, and The Galliards. Let's look at what happened in Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2 Episode 3.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19 Recap

The Galliards

Eren makes his way towards Zeke to go through with their "euthanasia plan." However, Porco Galliard, AKA the current Jaw Titan, bites Eren's leg in an attempt to stop him. An annoyed Eren smashes the Jaw Titan's nape with his hardened hand, severely injuring Porco. General Magath hits Eren with another shot from the anti-titan canon, taking out his hand.

Reiner then rushes towards Eren, tackling and pinning him down once again. Eren struggles under the Armored Titan's weight, trying to him once again. On the other hand, Reiner is worried about Porco and is begging him to stand up. He touches the Jaw Titan and shows Porco a memory of his brother, Marcel Galliard.

Eren destroying Galliard

The memory shown is one fans have already seen, where Marcel, the Jaw Titan before Ymir, admits to Reiner that he was never supposed to become the Armored Titan. Marcel also admits that the only reason Reiner became the Armor was that the former talked him up to their superiors. He tells him all this while apologizing and reveals that he only did it to save his brother, Porco, from the fate of becoming a Titan.

Reiner presumably chooses to show Porco this memory because he wants the latter to survive for his brother.

The Grices

Colt and Falco Grice, two brothers introduced in The Final Season but still loved the most by the fandom, had one of the saddest scenes today. The previous episode saw Colt, Falco, and Gabi running towards Zeke to dissuade him from screaming and turning everyone who drank his spinal fluid into a Pure Titan. Surprisingly, Colt and Falco manage to reach Zeke in time.

Colt tells Zeke that Falco has consumed the wine laced with his spinal fluid and asks him to spare his brother. Zeke almost looks like he's considering sparing Falco and even mentions how he knows what it feels like to want to protect one's younger brother, referring to Eren. Colt begs Zeke to give them some time to get away until Falco is out of range.

Colt begging Zeke to spare Falco

However, Zeke chooses to save his brother Eren, who is still struggling with Reiner. Zeke screams, turning everyone who drank his spinal fluid into a Titan. Several military members, including Nile and Commander Pyxis, turn into Pure Titans. It's genuinely one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the show.

Another tragic scene is seeing Colt's love for his younger brother Falco. When Zeke screams, and Falco is about to turn, he asks Colt to get away from him. However, Colt's love for his brother is more significant than his fear of death. He refuses to let his brother go and continues to console him, saying, "it's okay, Falco, I'm here for you." Falco's transformation into a Pure Titan incinerates Colt, bringing his character to a tragic end.

Zeke then commands Titan Falco to attack Reiner, who is still on top of Eren. As Falco takes on Reiner, Magath takes another shot at the Beast Titan's nape, thinking he got him for sure this time around. Reiner then considers letting Falco eat him when the latter attempts to bite his nape, assuming he doesn't have to live anymore since they have achieved what they came here to do.

Reiner considers letting Titan Falco eat him.

However, Porco comes out of his Titan form in a surprising turn of events, turning Falco's attention towards him. As Porco walks towards Titan Falco, he remembers how Marcel tried to protect him by making Reiner the Armor, and even in his last breath, he is proud that he was better than Reiner all this time. Titan Falco then runs towards Porco and eats him alive, inheriting the Jaw Titan.

Titan Falco eats Porco

The Yeagers

Zeke and Eren Yeager, the most significant pair of brothers in our story, contribute to 80% of the shock value in this episode. Reiner is devastated as he sees Porco getting eaten and rages at Eren, punching him in the face and pinning him down once again. However, Eren hardens his entire body, including Reiner's hand, trapping him with his Titan. Eren then leaps out of his Titan form and runs towards Zeke, who seems to be dead.

However, we then find out that Zeke was using the same trick Pieck used in the previous episode by faking his death and hiding under the carcass of his Titan. As Eren runs towards Zeke, Gabi Braun intercepts him. In the most shocking scene of the series, Gabi uses Colt's anti-titan gun and shoots Eren, straight-up blowing off his head. Fans can see Eren's head flying towards Zeke, who catches it, while everyone is shocked.

Gabi shoots Eren and blows his head off.

After Eren loses his head, we see flashbacks to his conversation with Zeke four years ago. In the flashback, Eren acknowledges that their father killed all the Reiss children to stop the Royal Family from inheriting the Founding Titan's power. He convinces Zeke that he is on his side and wants to rid the world of the Titan lineage to bring peace.

Since Zeke catches Eren's head before he passes on, the two travel to "The Paths" upon contact.

Zeke catches Eren's decapitated head before he dies.

The Paths

After the flashback, Eren sees several visions, including the faces of his friends Mikasa and Armin. Eren is then taken deep into the Paths, where he meets an aged Zeke tied up in chains. Zeke tells Eren that he has been waiting for him to recover for a long time. When Eren asks about the chains around Zeke, the latter tells him that they are representative of King Fritz's "vow" renouncing war and that every one of Royal blood must adhere to his wishes.

Zeke in "The Paths"

Eren and Zeke then see the soul of the Founder Ymir walking towards them in a zombie-like state. Zeke tells Eren that he is the only one free from the "vow" since he does not have Royal blood and tells him to command Ymir to sterilize the Eldians and prevent them from ever having children. However, as Armin predicted, Eren betrays Zeke and tells him that he was playing him to get to this point and never planned to go through with the "euthanasia" plan in the first place.

Eren tells Ymir to "lend" him her powers; however, Ymir continues to walk past Eren ignoring him. She walks towards Zeke and kneels before him. Zeke then reveals that the Founder Ymir is a "slave" to those with Royal blood and that in spending so much time waiting for Eren to arrive, he managed to override King Fritz's wishes and gain control of the Founder's power.

Ymir ignores Eren and walks towards Zeke

Zeke is devastated by Eren's betrayal and blames their father, Grisha Yeager, for Eren's actions. He claims that their father has managed to brainwash Eren. We then see that Zeke was only testing his brother and didn't need Eren to complete his "euthanasia" plan.

Zeke then tells Eren that they are both victims of Grisha, mentioning how the previous Beast Titan, Tom Ksaver, saved him as a young boy. He also tells his younger brother that he will not abandon him despite his betrayal. Zeke then tells Eren that he will use the Founder's power to "fix him" and that when he "saves the world," it will be with Eren by his side.

Phew! What an episode. Look's like we'll have to wait another week to find out what the future holds for the Eldians! Next week's episode, titled "Memories of the Future," will most likely give fans more information about "The Paths" and the founding Titan's powers.

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