Attack on Titan Final Season to Hold Special Finale Event on Twitter With English Voice Cast

Written by Samona Punjabi
Published on April 26, 2022

The following article may contain spoilers if you haven't watched Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2.

Attack on Titan's Final Season Part 2 recently came to an end. While anime fans thought that the series would end this year, the predictions of the manga readers ultimately came true. The series is now set to end Eren Yeager's story sometime next year.

According to several reports, the series will end its story in four episodes next year, each being an hour long. The episodes will continue where we left off this season, with certain members of the Scout Regiment attempting to stop Eren Yeager from eliminating most of the world's population with the Rumbling. Since the finale of the dubbed version of Season 4, Part 2, is set to release soon, the series is hosting a special event with its English voice actors!

Attack on Titan English Dub Finale Event on Twitter: All We Know

Attack on Titan's upcoming finale event is set to take place on Twitter Spaces on April 27. The event will feature Bryce Papenbrook, Trina Nishimura, and Mike McFarland, the voices of Eren Jaeger, Mikasa, and Jean, respectively. The event will also feature a Q&A session with the English voice actors about the remaining episodes.

The official Twitter account for Attack on Titan also shared the news about the English dub event. Take a look:

In a recent interview with, English dub voice actor Bryce Papenbrook talked about his character Eren Yeager's stance this season and the controversial journey he has decided to undertake. He said:

"Eren is very, very different in this final season. I like to describe him in Seasons 1 through 3 as angry, extremely angry, where everything that comes out of his mouth just has this anger attached to it. Whereas in this newest season, there's this layer of coldness sitting over that anger. It's still there, but it's tucked way down. Mike and I had to recreate the voice and the character, and the motivation in this final season, which has been really exciting as an actor to be able to do. There've been moments between Eren and Mikasa and Armin where things coming out of Eren's mouth, I don't fully understand why they're coming out of his mouth, at this point."

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