Attack on Titan: Everyone We Know That Drank Zeke’s Spinal Fluid

By Samona Punjabi / January 19, 2022

If you haven't watched the latest episode of Attack on Titan: The Final Season, everything below is a spoiler!

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 is currently underway, and things have never looked grimmer. Our very own Paradis Island has been attacked by Marley head-on, Levi is severely injured (no, we refuse to believe he's dead), and Zeke and Eren are don't seem to be doing too well against their Titan opponents.

While the threat of the Rumbling looms over the ongoing war, fans should keep in mind that there's also the threat of the sudden appearance of Pure Titans. Let's not forget the events of Season 4 Part 1, where the Yeagerists were secretly distributing wine laced with Zeke Yeager's spinal fluid to the military, a few of whom are important to the story.

In the latest Attack on Titan episode, Zeke received a severe blow to his nape by Commander Magath of the Marleyan military. While a direct shot would've instantly killed him, it seems that Magath missed by an inch while delivering the near-fatal blow. With Zeke at the brink of death, Magath worried that Zeke could scream any minute, triggering all who drank his spinal fluid to turn into Pure Titans.

While we have no idea what to expect from the next episode, Magath's fears could very well prove to be right. So, who all have ingested Zeke's Spinal Fluid? Read on to find out.

Who All Drank Zeke's Spinal Fluid?

Nile Dok

Nile Dok is not a character who is very significant to our current story; however, fans will remember that he has been around since season 1. Back when the Titans were still a mystery to the people inside the walls, Nile had a complicated relationship with our favorite commander Erwin Smith. However, over time, his character has developed significantly. In the latest episode, Nile even saved fan-favorite Falco and told him to get away from the war and be with the people he loves while he could.

While we believe he will eventually turn into a pure titan or KIA, we were beginning to like him.


Not a particularly well-liked or well-known character, fans will remember Roeg as one of the higher-ranking military officers who were particularly nasty towards Marleyans after they were taken prisoner. He also had a disturbing conversation, where he expressed that Queen Historia should take Zeke's power by becoming Titan, even if it kills her child. He could also be heard chastising the Queen for getting pregnant with the child of a random farmer. Well, in all honesty, Roeg probably won't be missed.

Dot Pyxis

Out of all the people who have consumed the laced wine, Commander Pyxis is probably the most important. Fans will remember that Pyxis has always had a drinking problem, and so it's no surprise that he became a victim of the wine conspiracy, seeing as he is also one of the highest-ranking and most influential soldiers in Paradis. However, even though Pyxis has been marked for death, we don't think he'll go down easy, just as he proved in the latest episode.

This fan-favorite character will most probably do everything in his power to make sure that Eren and Zeke's plan does not succeed.

Falco Grice

Introduced in the first episode of the final season, Falco has quickly managed to become a fan-favorite with several fans online often calling him "best boy." Unlike the other intended targets, Falco consumed the laced wine by accident since the bottle of wine was smashed on his head by Niccolo. The smash was meant for Gabi, who killed one of the anime's most beloved characters: Sasha Braus. However, as fans are well aware of Falco's feelings for Gabi, he took the hit in her place and accidentally consumed the wine in an unconscious state.

In the latest episode, Falco can be seen running towards Zeke with Gabi and his brother Colt in the hope that he might change his mind about turning everyone into a Titan once he finds out Falco has been a victim of his scheme as well. We don't know what lies in store for Falco, but we hope he survives!

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