macos catalina

Apple has updated its macOS website section, announcing the release of the “Catalina” version in October. No exact dates were provided, but if you are using an iMac, Macbook, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro that dates to 2012 or later, you should expect to get the upgrade. As always, macOS Catalina will be distributed to compatible devices free of any charge.

The main areas where macOS Catalina is set to shine are media consumption, user data privacy, and accessibility. There’s a huge update in “Photos”, which now works like the iOS 13 gallery, allowing you to view media based on their date. Apple TV+ was also embraced, so there are content libraries, channels, “watch next” systems, etc. Moreover, the implementation of Dolby Atmos makes music, podcasts, film watching, and all media consumption way more immersive.

On the security side, the Gatekeeper was enhanced, data from removable media are now handled with greater care, and a new “activation lock” system will protect stolen Macs until they get back to their owner. Finally, the new accessibility features include rich text editing and live word suggestions, complete system-wide voice control, hover text, grids, zoom display, color filters, tinting, and Siri-powered voice over.

Of course, there are many more new features and additions that will land with macOS Catalina, like using your iPad as a second screen, enjoying iCloud folder sharing, take system snapshots and restore them whenever you like, and a lot more. Stay tuned, as we will post more about all that once we get to play with the new release.

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