Apple to Honor Warranty Policy for iPhones With User-Replaced Batteries

By Nitish Singh / March 6, 2019

Apple has always been known for its strict warranty policies. The company has always stated that customers who get third-party batteries for their iPhones would be ineligible for claiming any free repair services even when under the warranty period. But that is set to change with technicians now being directed to offer repairs on iPhones for any non-battery related issue.

Despite the change in policy, Apple will not be honoring product warranty if other components of iPhones are damaged by third-party batteries. However, an exception has been made to accommodate for damage done to battery tabs when installing third-party batteries. Genius Bar and AASP technicians have also been directed to replace third-party batteries with genuine Apple batteries if needed or if iPhone owners request it. The cost of the replacement will have to be borne by the user and will not be covered under warranty.

Apple has been accused of performance throttling in the past which stirred a lot of controversies. The company had to retract its decision to downgrade performance on older devices and offer an affordable battery replacement program to users. The program allowed users to get the $79 battery replacement for just $29.

Furthermore, a Right to Repair Act may be implemented in the US that could force manufacturers to repair devices without any penalties involved. Apple and other manufacturers have spoken out against the Act as it could lead to users being irresponsible with their devices and expect free repairs. But on the other hand, it could also prevent anti-consumer practices that force users to pay a hefty amount for minor repairs.

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