Apple to Introduce Three new iPhone X Devices Next Month

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated September 14, 2021

With less than a month to go until Apple’s new lineup of iPhones is revealed, analysts and fans are stoked for the new devices. According to internal sources from Apple who chose not to be identified, the tech giant is set to release three new devices that will include the edge-to-edge display seen in the iPhone X last year. The previous rumors suggested that we will receive only two new iPhone X devices along with a cheaper entry-level iPhone, but the latest reports say otherwise.

It is not just aesthetics that Apple is focusing on, with the new iPhone X devices set to come with the new Apple A12 chipset developed by TSMC. Apple is labeling 2018 as their S year as the new handsets will not see any significant upgrades except for internal hardware changes and some new features. More significant changes are expected this year. This has been the trend since the third generation iPhone with each alternating year allotted for hardware refinement and minor upgrades.

While the iPhone X was not as successful as market analysts predicted, it still experienced strong sales and helped Apple strengthen its foothold in the mobile market which had started to stagnate. According to Apple analyst Gene Munster "The iPhone is entering a period of 0-to-5 percent annual growth, and the things they’re doing this fall will keep them on that path. The "real sizzle" for investors remains the iPhone because it’s the hub for almost all Apple’s other offerings like the Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple Music.”

Following the latest rumors, Apple share prices increased to $217.24 last weekend. With 1.3 billion active devices on the market as of early 2018, Apple’s new iPhone X devices can definitely add to the number. Apple is also rumored to release new iPad Pro tablets as well as a new lineup of Mac devices.

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