Apple to Compete Against Chromecast With Its Own Apple TV Dongle

By Nitish Singh / November 22, 2018

Google’s Chromecast dongles are very handy devices that allow you to stream content on any TV without investing a fortune. Apple is said to be considering a similar product that may go head to head with Google’s offering. Apple’s current position in the streaming market is not very promising with the Apple TV set-top box being its primary hardware offering in the segment. Offering access to similar features on a much smaller budget can definitely draw the attention of customers who want streaming capabilities on a budget.

Amazon is currently dominating the TV dongle market with its Fire TV sticks that are affordable and offer an incredible amount of content as part of its Prime offering. Google’s Chromecast device, on the other hand, relies on YouTube and other free content to draw the audience. The TV dongles are perfect investments for users without smart TVs as they offer a complete user experience with a full user interface, apps and more.

Apple is simply considering a portable streaming device, and it is in the brainstorming phase. It may or may not go into further research and development if the tech giant finds the idea unappealing. With the company losing out to Amazon, Roku and many other companies in the streaming market it needs to pull something out of the hat to get a share of the market pie. One of the primary reasons people prefer portable streaming devices is their affordable price tags. You can pick one of the devices for $50 or less while Apple does not have any portable streaming devices available currently.

It is also possible that Apple will not push out a portable streaming device and choose to push its streaming service in an online-only format. However, if the device does come out at an attractive price point, it is surely going to have a lot of takers.

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