Apple Releases iOS 10.3 With Find My AirPods, Apple File System, App Store Review, CarPlay Updates and much more

By TechNadu Staff / March 28, 2017

Apple Company released a new 10.3 iOS software legally and it comes with a most notable feature, however, is for Apple’s Airpods users.

The company expanded its ‘Find My iPhone’ app, includes the ability to find your missing Airpods. Around $69 to replace the single earbud, these handy features potentially save your money.

In Find My iPhone app, you can tell the Airpods to make a noise so that it will easier to find.

Suppose if your Airpods is in mute mode, in case one of them is missing by this situation the app will show you on the map where it is located as long as it connected to your iOS devices. The best way to track the missing Apple’s Bluetooth earbuds is using Airpods.

iOS 10.3 supports Wi-Fi calling through iCloud without having to use your iPhone for Verizon revealed in a beta version on last month.

Apple’s new release bringing Night Shift to MacOS. To refresh your mind by changing the display settings.

iOS 10.3 has also updated Siri, this will support for paying and checking the status of bills with any payment apps. You can scheduling with ride booking app like Uber.

Even support for checking car fuel level, lock status, turning on light and more. Siri also provides the cricket scores. Now you can realize it will do these things.

Carplay is one of the iOS updates, it will provide the shortcuts in the status bar for easy access to last used apps. You can see the daily created playlist and new music album categories in Apple music.

Other improvements in iOS devices updates are:

Now Apple is taking steps to update million of iOS devices in future.

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